For inspiration for this SOTW, instead of the usual go down my itunes list and see if I can find anything interesting, I thought I’d change it up and go down my watched anime list of which I have a word document of, which I kinda want to convert to a spreadsheet, but I’m too lazy to bother at the moment. But yes, I went down my list and basically looking at old anime I’ve watched and see if I actually remember the OP or ED or any related songs with the anime because if I remember it, that’s always a good start for recommendations.

So, what I’ve found is Acchi Kochi’s opening, I actually remember it and it was quite cute. Which is why I’m sharing it with you guys. Acchi de Kocchi de OP for Acchi Kochi.

Just a quick update for the new season, if you’re interested, my season preview blog is about halfway written and I do plan to finish it by the middle of the week. So hopefully it’ll be posted by Wednesday. Which I’m hoping is not too late for the start of the season.