Sword of Destruction


Before the fight begins Aichi puts up his ante, if Kai loses, Leon, Ren, Kai and Naoki will be his next Quatre Knights and seal him away. Kai agrees to this and the fight begins.

After a much needed long conversation between the two friends, the duel reaches a crucial moment as Aichi brings out a corrupted Blaster Blade in the form of Blaster Joker which locks all of Kai’s rearguards and breaks Kai’s Legion to take the upper hand.


I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to comment much on this episode considering that I expected the duel to be at least two episodes and for there also to be a lot of chat for Aichi and Kai after this long of absence. The bet was an interesting one, but one that signals a Kai win which is of course the expected outcome, but still a risky move, perhaps it shows how much resolve Kai now has at least with the thought that if he can’t win, he will be satisfied watching over Aichi.

First look at Star Vader Blaster joker and I have to say, that’s a bit OP. He not only locks all your rear guards but also breaks your Legion. Which isn’t that bad as you can Legion again and recycle some more cards, but I guess it hurts if you don’t have the cards to recycle, which isn’t likely because of your ability to freely guard. Still, it’s quite an annoyance and also I believe his last ability grants him an extra crit by putting another Blaster Joker into soul which helps the first ability activate again, as if locking all your opponent’s cards wasn’t enough. The all lock only costs locking one of your units, 2 counterblast and 2 soulblast. That, in my view, is a very low cost to cripple your opponent for one turn.

Apart from that, there’s not too much to comment on. So, I will leave this as it is and ponder about the probability of an Aichi win and how uninteresting that would be.