Phantom Bullet


During Death Gun’s speedy relentless assault, Kirito finally recalls his name as Zaza and just with that he turns the match. With Sinon’s help to distract Zaza with a shot prediction line, Kirito shoots him twice to stop him into stealth and cuts him in half.

With that finally done and dusted, Sinon and Kirito tells each other of their actual names and Sinon passes on her address to Kirito in case the Death Gun accomplice is still around. So to end the game, Sinon decides to blow both of them up with a grenade making them joint winners.

Sinon logs out and carefully looks around her flat to find no one else around. Her door bell rings and it’s Shinkawa, her friend, who came to congratulate her on winning. But he starts acting a little strange and reveals that he was the person working with Death Gun and also that he started liking her because she’s probably the only girl in Japan who’s killed someone with a real gun. He starts trying to touch her but she fights back and luckily Kirito arrives.


Okay, a throwback to the entire ALO season then. But before I get to that, I’ll just make some quick comments on the first half of the episode.

First thing was that I was surprised the lightsaber couldn’t melt through Death Gun’s blade. And relating to that, why did Death Gun explode? That was hilariously random and completely ruined the seriousness of the situation for me. I think it’s because they’re implying he’s machine i.e. a lack of emotion, but even so, it was too funny. And also that was some weird but interesting animation when Kirito went into the fight.

I quite liked that there was a lot of those live camera things around, made it strangely romantic as to me they looked like fireflies. Asuna won’t be happy surely, and I still didn’t get to see her reaction cos we went to Sinon instead. Oh well, I’m hoping she says something about it next episode, after this arc I think some comical moments are necessary.

So anyways then, first half good, nice animation for the fight, well executed and a nice way to finish off the tournament and arc. Until Shinkawa happened. Now I’m not too bothered about creating tension and a sense of urgency with the threat of sexual harassment, a bit creepy, but that’s how it works and the thing is it does work, the entire ALO arc was about that. But you never do a magic trick twice. Unless you run out of tricks which the latter half of the episode felt like. There are many ways to create tension without the threat of anything sexual. Like the threat of murder itself is enough, they didn’t need to take the extra step. Instead of creating tension it just made me roll my eyes, we’ve been there and done that, and now it feels bland. The whole ‘if I can’t have you no one else can’ feels too cliché as well.

But anyway, that explains Death Gun’s weapon. I knew the gun gave evidence of who he was, but I guess I didn’t think outside the box enough. I just thought he got the info from somewhere, which was true, he did hear about the event, but I didn’t think he was that close.

So, probably a more relaxing episode next after ‘sorting’ out Shinkawa. At episode 13, I believe ti to be continuing on for another season, and knowing what that season roughly entails, I believe we’ll see some ‘movement’ from Sinon soon.