Week 185 of this SOTW thing brings us our first French animated series.

About time, am I right?

So, you got me, Code Lyoko isn’t really an anime. Like, at all. But it is anime-inspired. And it has some badass music to boot. For those who haven’t seen anything about this series, it’s pretty good. The set-up is a supercomputer that contains a giant virtual world. Inside this world is a virus that tries to free itself from the said supercomputer, so kids have to go inside and fight it. It was a main pillar of my teen years, and the music had something to do with that too.

The soundtrack was recorded by a fictional band called The Subdigitals that appear in a few episodes of the series, which is a great Inception-esque idea. And they pull it off great. This ending is recorded by The Subdigitals in English and French, for both versions of the show, but here the song is in French. Which, to be fair, is better.


CD Version