One Little Step


Shinkawa gets distracted into a fight with Kirito and tries to inject the poison into him but hits an electrode that Kirito still had on from the heart monitor which saves his life. During this moment Sinon whacks Shinkawa over the head with her stereo and knocks him out.

Later Sinon once again confronts those bullies from school and this time she’s able to calm herself down at the sight of a gun and walk away unharmed.

Not surprising, there is a third Death Gun, Kanamoto Atsushi, and he’s now on the run. Kirito and Sinon meet up with Kikouka Seijirou and Kirito gives a rundown of all the details of everything that had transpired. Also, Seijirou reads a message Zaza left for Kirito saying that this isn’t the end.

After the meet, Kirito takes Sinon to meet up with Lisbeth and Asuna at the Dicey Cafe. The main reason being that they wanted her to meet up with the post office lady that she saved all those years ago who was actually pregnant at the time. Sinon’s moved to tears by her 4 year old daughter thanking her. And as Kirito says, he wants Sinon to realise the people she saved and forgive herself because of them.


Well, it was actually a pleasant wrap up of this arc. The fight finish was a bit crap if I’m honest, I mean seriously, saved by a heart electrode thing? As much as that is an interesting, unique and probably suitable thing to be saved by given the situation, it certainly seemed rather stupid. If I’m honest they could’ve done completely without Kirito getting ‘stabbed’. The only thing I liked was that Shinkawa got clobbered over the head with the stereo, and then somehow it was back on the table as normal as if it was never picked up… Still, good to see a fightback from Sinon and Kirito to be the one on the verge of being killed for once.

The overall story of Shinkawa and Shouichi was actually well thought out. With how their minds slowly became less and less attached with reality and became more and more enveloped in a virtual one. Understandable if the virtual world gave them another ‘life’, another chance to make them feel that they’re of importance and significance, why would you care about this so called ‘reality’ then? It of course brings to question what reality is. If you can ‘make a name for yourself’ in a virtual world and ‘live’ in there as ‘normal’ until you die some may ask the question why wouldn’t you? Especially if ‘reality’ is nothing but a pain. Escaping reality into another ‘reality’ could easily be an option to take.

So I will skip ahead to the end of the episode where Sinon’s emotional rollercoaster has finally come to a stop after a final tearjerking ending. Seeing a child you saved thank you like that, I think that’s enough to heal anyone’s heart. And indeed as Kirito rightly said, as much as you think about the person you killed, it is also right that you should equally think about who you saved and here at least the latter surely outweighs the former. Some teary moments and finally letting go of her gun wraps up a nicely executed end to her journey.

I’m surprised Asuna is standing up for this, or rather she hasn’t said anything. And what more surprised me was that Kirito didn’t introduce Asuna as his girlfriend. Last time I checked she was… right…? I certainly hope he’s not trying to lead her on, that’d be harsh and surely no purpose with the size of his harem already. Speaking of introductions, it also made me laugh at how Kirito introduced everyone by their online names as well, kinda reminds me of something I read a while ago on signs if you’ve played too much online games, you start using your online name in real life. The Kirito with a motorbike scene was kinda hilarious, of course a guy dressed in black with a motorbike is cool.

A little thing I wanted to know, what was the prize for winning? I assume it’s all gone to Sinon considering Kirito never registered his proper address?

Just as a side note, I got news that SAO II will cover two more arcs, The Calibur Arc and the Mother’s Rosary arc with the next episode called ‘Debriefing’ a sort of preview to the arcs, and I’m assuming also respite before the new season starts in the following week. Which signals my resignation from blogging of Vanguard after many episodes to make way for WIXOSS.