This Silent Beginning


Yuzuki and Ruko go for a girls day out for some fun and shopping but they stumble upon a small WIXOSS tournament and quickly back out after sensing no Selectors nearby. However they unwittingly run into Chiyori, the Selector that Yuzuki defeated in the first season.

Chiyori leads them down an alleyway, but both Ruko and Yuzuki choose not to battle knowing the consequences of winning and losing. Chiyori doesn’t know so they pass on the information. But even after knowing that Chiyori still wants to battle as she doesn’t mind actually becoming a card and a part of the world of WIXOSS.

Ruko senses Iona’s desire of battle and runs away quickly. A quick flashback reminds us of what happened last season. Even though Ruko refuses to battle, she still hasn’t gotten rid of Iona as she believes her to be the only clue she has of finding out where Tama is, and Ruko also still wants to free everyone.


Bit of a slow start to begin with, nothing too unexpected and nothing too much developed either. Half a recap episode with some daily life elements as Ruko decides not to duel anymore, how many times have we heard that before. Nonetheless she seems to have stuck to her guns this time and refused a duel with Chiyori. And I can understand her wanting to keep a hold of Iona as it is her only clue of Tama’s whereabouts. So whilst she continues to be as indecisive as last season, at least it’s much less bloodlust and more wanting to find an old friend.

I find the novel for WIXOSS to be rather intriguing giving away the facts of the consequences of losing. Of course that sort of adds to the non-believing factor as people will see it more as a story and completely fictional. Still, if it wasn’t mentioned at all, no one would think of it. One potential use of relaying the consequences to everyone is perhaps that when someone who knows of them tells you about it you’ll just think they’re sad people who are too into the game and simply repeating the novel story making you less likely to believe them.

With the explanations this episode, it is clear what Iona wanted and to be honest, I think I remembering analyzing it to the same last season, or similar, with the amount of clues that we had. To continue fighting for the love of it, as she can choose to accept Ruko’s wish or not, of which the latter will probably be more likely so they’ll just keep fighting and winning and never reach a goal. Still risky though but I guess losing’s never on Iona’s mind.

Good to see Chiyori who’s finally made her appearance ‘officially’ and I have to say she’s quite a nice breath of fresh air. Brings a bit of comedy and ‘joy’ to this otherwise melancholic tone. I wonder what her role will be in everything. Even after the warnings she still seems determined to reach her dreams, although I think it’s more her not believing what they said, possibly due to the reason I mentioned above. Either way, she seems like the type of person to dive head first into anything. So I’m sure we’ll have more interesting moments with her.

A very relaxed reintroduction. I have no chance of telling where this arc wants to go so I’ll leave my comments here for now.