My course has finished and I am now less than 2 months away from my exams. Of course I’ve said this before many many times, so I won’t go on anymore, just remind everyone that things may be slower, not that I’ve been fast with my blogs anyway.

But whatever, anyway, I’ve mentioned it in my blog of episode 14 of SAO II, and I will mention it yet again in my next and final Vanguard blog that I will stop blogging vanguard. So to ‘commemorate’ that almost I feel we need a Vanguard SOTW. With the amount of seasons and OPs and EDs, I am spoilt for choice, however, nothing beats the first one and it’s still the one that I remember. So you’ve guessed it by now, if you watch Vanguard, here is Vanguard by JAM Project.

Just for good measure I thought I’d throw in the English version as well, if you didn’t know it existed as I’m sure most of you will never have seen the dub, or maybe not even know it existed.

As another thing to note, I’m not blogging SAO episode 14.5 as it’s purely a recap episode and as we all know nothing ever happens in those, so there’s nothing to blog about.