Sword of Courage


The duel continues with Aichi holding an upper hand due to Blaster Joker’s dominance. But Kai defends very well and puts a question to Aichi that if Kai was to win and take the seed would Aichi stand guard over him as a Quatre Knight? Of course Aichi wouldn’t and he finally seems to understand. Having thought through everything, Kai declares final turn so that he can destroy the idea that someone has to be sacrificed to save the world.

He Legion rides Overlord a third time and picks up 2 double crits with a restand to take out Aichi.

The seed tries to jump but this time Blaster Blade comes out and slices it into several pieces, each going to a different person to carry the burden. Each piece is weak on its own and won’t be able to control the host. Also, if a person with a fragment of the seed fights another person who they deem ‘worthy’ it will split again so that the seed’s power is further weakened. And when the Seed inhabits every fighter in the world, by then Cray will accept Link Joker as a new clan rather than an invader.

With that, everything returns to normal and Aichi is back with everyone.


Kai’s completely random ‘I see!’ made me laugh. Well it made sense later on, but reminds me of times when people talking with you suddenly think of something completely unrelated and utter some random exclamation. Or am I the only one who does that…?

So in the end, some of the ideas that I thought might be used to resolve the ‘seed’ situation was used. I’m sure I remember saying that slicing it up during the jump to the next victim was one of the ways to stop it. And I also said that Kai should be a likely candidate for the seed next as he should be able to take it. I was half right in both respects. In that it was sliced up midflight, but of course that didn’t ‘kill’ it as it can’t be destroyed, basically the age old saying darkness can’t be destroyed, where there’s light there’s darkness etc. Kinda also reminds me of Digimon’s ending. And also Kai did take in part of the seed, not all. A half expected finish for this arc, but still a good wrap up.

Thought it looks like there’s still another episode or two left before this season ends. Whilst I think that it’s already wrapped up, I’m quite interested in what else they’ve got. I can only assume they’re setting up for the next season Vanguard G as I think I remember seeing that Aichi and Kai are MIA from the beginning so this could be the set up for that i.e. after all this Link Joker business Aichi and Kai head out to fight people all over the world to spread the seed as quickly as possible to diminish its power.

As I said at the very end of SAO II episode 14’s blog and SOTW, I will be retiring from Vanguard blogging to switch over to WIXOSS to keep it at 2 a season especially with more exams coming up. Which means I won’t be blogging Vanguard G, I feel it’s also a convenient time to leave it at least finishing off this season. Although after WIXOSS ends I may well come back to vanguard, but maybe I’ll find something else by then, so I’ll see you guys later for Vanguard, it’s been fun, but it’s just been too typical of a TCG anime to say much in any given episode, though I’ll still continue to watch it.