That Feverish Bond


With the powers of makeup to hide her scar, and the persuasion from a very affectionate Iona (Ulith). Akira finally steps out of her house.

Apparently Ulith has always admired and looked up to Akira and vows to use Iona’s wealth and influence to help Akira’s dreams come true. What Ulith liked was the Akira full of hatred and she has something to request from her.

According to the real Iona, Ulith is completing the other half of her wish. The first part was to become the LRIG of a skilled Selector, and the second was to find another skilled Selector to battle. As Iona tells Ruko this, Akira appears as a new Selector with her new LRIG, Milulun.

She somehow persuades Ruko to battle and due to Ruko constant indecisiveness she’s easily backed into a corner. But luckily a construction worker interrupts their duel before they can finish. Akira laughs at their uselessness before parting and says she will come back to make their life a misery.

At a fast food restaurant, Chiyori easily comes to terms with the truth behind WIXOSS and isn’t bothered in the slightest. At that point, Ulith appears before her.


Ah, the powers of makeup, it can sure do a lot of things… I’m not a fan of makeup. I remember being told once when I was younger, if you do too much to your skin by the time you’re 30 you’ll look like your 50, and when you’re young you tend to believe in those things. Whilst I am much older and wiser, or so I’d like to think, it still stays in my head so makeup isn’t something I use regularly. As much as some of them are skin friendly or whatever the majority are still chemicals. But anyway, that’s quite off topic and all I wanted to say was that Akira escaped her tainted wish quite easily.

Which makes me wonder again if it’s so easy to get past the tainted part of your wish. Hitoe got past hers, but probably through becoming another selector. You may argue that Akira did the same, however I’m pretty sure when makeup was first used she was not a selector and when she first got the offer of being able to get back into the magazine business she was also not a selector. So I see it as the rules of WIXOSS isn’t exactly ‘firm’. Which could be a weakness that may be exploited in the future. Either that or it’s not the most tight of any plots I’ve seen.

I’m not sure I get Ulith. She is purely getting Akira on side so that she can fulfill Iona’s wish right? I.e. by gaining Akira’s ‘support’ and making her a new Selector she can turn her into the best rival for Ruko? Seems odd considering Akira may have the determination, if you can call it that, to beat Ruko but she’s certainly lacking in skill. I was thinking she may go to Chiyori next, which she looks like she has, but again, she’s lacking skill too. The only reason Akira was doing well in that duel was because of Ruko’s ever prominent indecisiveness. Otherwise with Iona at her disposal there’s no way she’d lose.

Still, I find it weird that Ulith loves someone who hated the person that used to be her. Though I guess Ulith sorta disliked Iona as well? And again, could be just purely for the fulfillment of the wish but the entire thing seems too convincing to be an act, unless she’s got another ulterior motive, like she actually hates Iona and wants Ruko crushed and so she’ll train Akira to beat Ruko.

And also, to comment on Ruko’s indecisiveness, yet again, don’t know how many times now. I believe that if you’re unsure about doing something, you should refuse and think more. Saves a lot of potential trouble in the future. Of course some people will go for it regardless if their comfortable or not, but they’ll give it their best shot. What I hate is someone doing something half-arsed especially if they agreed to it. If you were literally forced into it, I can sorta understand the resistance of wanting to do a good job. Right I’ll stop before I rant more about this as I’m pretty sure I’ve done this many times in the first season. I actually remember vaguely last season at some point I said I’d stop commenting on this, well if I did I’ll continue that and stop, if I didn’t I’ll stop anyway.