That Accidental Reunion


Ruko passes by the old Yuzuki (Hanayo) who tells her to battle. All the while Iona’s constantly trying to push Ruko to battle as well.

Meanwhile inside the white space, Mayu doesn’t want to let Tama outside again as she believes it’s a dangerous world. But Tama wants to meet Ruko again regardless and Mayu somehow agrees.

With the attention Akira’s getting again she’s been advertising WIXOSS’ dream granting side of the game and is again searching for selectors. Akira’s also completely fallen from grace and has pretty much submitted to Ulith and will do anything she wants.

After hearing about Ruko’s duel with Akira, Tomoe and Yuzuki yet again try to convince her against battling. However they understand that she’ll do whatever it takes to get Tama back and decide not to stop her.

The three of them then later sense selectors nearby and rush to the scene to see the start of Ulith vs Chiyori. Ulith’s new LRIG is none other than Tama.


Now there’s another cliffhanger I like. This is of course all Mayu’s doing sending Tama to Ulith to ‘see’ Ruko again. She’s playing quite an interesting game. Tama sorta asked for it, but she certainly didn’t expect this to happen. This’ll be more painful for her but could her desperation to see Ruko reached that high that she agreed to this? Or is it the more likely scenario that this is Mayu’s way of making her regret her decision so that she never wants to go to the outside world again. Or to show her that she has no powers against her so give up all hope?

Either way how does Ruko get back Tama now? I think she’ll have to meet Ulith in battle in the future at some point, even if it’s just to see Tama face to face. I see this as an opportunity for Iona in that she can suggest to Ruko for her wish to be to swap her out for Tama and then never actually fulfill it saying like you just need one more win, continuously.

And we revisit the incestuous relationship, now again, this is one of those rants that I’ve done many times, so I’ll try and keep it short. There is nothing wrong with walking side by side. I don’t see how that confirms a rumour of incest. It makes no sense, it’s like that girl said, they’re just being friendly, they are siblings after all. I mean I kinda get it in that they are always together, and because of the rumours it doesn’t really put them in a favourable light. But still, dismiss the rumours and they’re just in a close sibling relationship that isn’t necessarily taboo.

Back to a point from last episode, those girls reading Akira’s ‘tales’ aren’t believing it because it sounds like the novel. I still wonder why that novel was written and who wrote it, I feel that it may hold a key to something in all this. It’s referred to here and there and it details everything behind the game. But yeah, if Akira wrote these things first some people may have been swayed to believe her, but because it’s already been said on a fictional novel, people are taking it with a pinch of salt.

Ulith is just preying on Akira’s weakness. Since she received that scare she must’ve felt that the world had abandoned her and she was not welcome anymore. Until she was shown ‘love’ by Ulith. And now she can’t let it go like a drug. I now see exactly what Ulith was after, a pawn that she can throw around without a care.