The King of Giants


Yui explains that the current Cardinal system that runs ALO is the same that ran SAO giving it full access to destroy the entire map. This is what Yui fears is this quest’s consequence. If it goes through to the end of the mythology it’s following, the result will be another faction of fire giants appearing who will burn down the world tree.

As they enter the giant’s lair, they engage in battle with a giant minotaur but by linking together a string of powerful sword skills, they deal enough damage to take it down and advance to the next floor.

They move swiftly though all the floors and head quickly to the final boss. However, they are stopped by a female NPC with a HP guage trapped in an ice prison. Klein feels the need to save her and so he does. She then requests to be brought to the boss room, so Kirito decides she can tag along.

The final boss, the frost giant king appears and it turns out the NPC, Freyja, wants to slay the king to take back what was stolen and helps Kirito and gang out as an extra support party member.


And I was right in thinking there really isn’t enough tension in an in game quest that has no real consequences. As much as they try with the time limit and the whole if they don’t complete this the entire online game landscape could be changed, it really doesn’t cut it against the other threats we’ve had. I mean they can still get away with people dying as they won’t actually die in real life. The stakes are just not high enough, but I will say good try and enjoy the relaxing ride.

I wonder how Klein feels, knowing that he likes an NPC… well, considering this anime’s continuous challenge on the blurred line between reality and virtual reality, I felt this was a rather interesting event that they slipped in here. And a good addition to the comical side of the arc.

I don’t know if any of you have seen the hobbit, but when they entered that room full of gold treasures, followed by the shaking and a low grumbling voice, it reminded me of what happens in the hobbit when Smaug appeared. I actually thought a dragon may appear, but I pretty much knew it wasn’t going to be the case when the episode mentioned ‘giant’. Could’ve been a giant dragon I suppose, but still unlikely.

Well it was a good fun episode overall, the fighting animation was nice and it’s been so long since we last saw some fantasy sword skills. I also liked how they all worked together for once on a boss, I just remember back in SAO Kirito was always soloing everything. Felt more like a normal MMORPG for once and I also liked the fact that they gave everyone their best shot at the minotaur. I’m hoping for more collaborated team fights from now on, especially against the final boss.