Halloween was Friday. Hence, this week’s SOTW is quite simply a song about zombies.

I like Highschool Of The Dead. It had many strengths. One of those was music. You can probably guess the other ones…

I chose this ending of the 12 that HOTD used because it had a cool guitar riff. “What does this riff remind me of?” I wondered. This went on for a couple of minutes, then I read the youtube comments. “Oh, New Born by Muse” I noted. “That’s why.”

Of course, this being pretty much New Born but made in Japan, it’s better than the original. Because Japan always does things better.


CD Version


I would put more effort into telling you about this song, but I’ve just come off a 6-day working week. So, just use Wikipedia or something. I mean, that’s always trustworthy.