Those Wild Delusions


The battle between Chiyori and Ulith plays out with a completely one-sided victory with Tama being too strong. However, she’s definitely not enjoying herself. Ruko notices and apologizes to Tama for her selfish thinking of wanting to rescuing everyone and not thinking about Tama. Ulith ignores all this distraction and finishes Chiyori off.

After the duel, Ulith says that if Ruko wants Tama back, then they’ll have to battle, although Tama warns her not to.

Chiyori is as hyped as ever even having lost twice. She’s still looking forward to becoming a LRIG and visiting the ‘white garden’. All this is mentioned in the novel so finally, Ruko decides to have a read for herself. The author, Futase Fumio, seems to know a lot about the inner workings of WIXOSS so Ruko decides to sent Futase an email.

Whilst seeing Hitoe off, they try to understand why the LRIGs are in circulation like this, like why Yuzuki went to Hitoe and now Tama appears with Ulith. Iona laughs at them and says that Mayu is purely just playing around with her dolls, she’s pulling the strings and enjoying watching her dolls fight each other.

The next day, Fumio sends a reply with her address and so the gang decide to visit her.


At least she ‘met’ Tama and it must be reassuring to know that they still understand and want each other.

As much as this is an interesting game Mayu’s playing, I get the feeling she doesn’t actually want to hurt Tama. Well, not a feeling, a pretty obvious thing. So part of me is wondering why spawn her with Ulith knowing that it will cause Tama more despair especially as there’ll be a definite chance of facing Ruko? My initial answer was because Ulith is now the closest person to them without a LRIG. But then I was wondering if she’s allowed to break other people’s dreams, i.e. get rid of Iona for Tama, I guess that was always unlikely. Still, my final thought was that perhaps Mayu’s control over this isn’t complete, that’s if she truly wants happiness for Tama she would go back on Iona’s wish, but of course that’s not the case, she wants Tama with her, so my initial thought seems better. The other option would’ve been to send Tama to Akira before she got a new LRIG, but we all know that would’ve turned out really bad. Still, would it not be possible to have two LRIGs?

I’m sure Tama’s going to be just fine though, apart from mental distress, no harm can really come to her. She just has to fight when called upon and bide her time. I don’t think she can really afford not to fight and lose, I can’t remember what happened to Midoriko, but I thought she disappeared? Or transferred to another Selector? Either way, the latter option may sound good but she could easily end up further and further away from Ruko.

Or this entire thing could still be part of setting up Iona’s wish. I can easily see it with Ulith that she’ll relinquish Tama only if Ruko faces her in battle. And when that happens Iona’s wish will be complete.

Chiyori’s obviously got a bad case of Chuunibyou, sorta suits the situation though.

This Futase Fumio is an interesting person. To be honest, she may not know that much more than the others as all her stories are what Ruko and gang already know. However it would be interesting to hear what she has to say, but as always need a duel before we can get to anything important. Perhaps she’s in a similar situation to Ruko? Unlikely, but I’d like to hope that she knows more. Apart from the purpose of the game and knowing that Mayu is the puppet master, I would like to find out how this entire thing came about and also if there’s anything they can do. I doubt the answer will be yes as if Fumio knew she would’ve done it. But perhaps there’re power in numbers.

And lastly, Akira’s lost it. Ulith’s accomplished her goal and now has a very reliable pawn she can use.