This Impatience, an Awakening


Futase is surprised that Ruko and gang doesn’t want to battle her as all her other visitors came to battle. So she decides to force them into battle as she won’t say anything if they don’t battle. Chiyori is of course up for it, but Ruko steps up to avoid a 2 loss Chiyori battling.

Her indecisiveness shows again in battle but after some good talking to from Iona, she regains her resolve to get Tama back. Out of nowhere, she grows Iona to a new level and defeats Fumio.

After the duel, Futase’s ready to talk and it seems that she knew of Mayu and selectors before she became a selector because she used to be a LRIG.

Then she tells us the story of her former Selector, Fumio, who actually refused to battle because she wanted to achieve her wish through ‘normal’ means. And after a while, even Futase had hoped that the wish would be granted normally. But the harsh reality of a troubled household and failure at her novel writing hit her hard and she gave up looking for an easier route and decided to battle.

She kept winning until the end and that’s when the Futase met Mayu when she was talking about a girl of black. Futase asks if Iona is that girl Mayu spoke of.


So an interesting extra layer has been added to this mystery of WIXOSS, something about a girl in black and a girl in white. Somehow, I feel that the girl in white is the evil one and the girl in black wants to stop her, if the girl in white in question is indeed Mayu who’s been the evil puppeteer. The endless struggle between good and evil.

Even after we know ‘everything’ behind WIXOSS, it still feels like we know nothing at all. Sure we know all the ‘mechanics’ if you will, of how it all works, but the main question is why and how it came about. I find it hard to believe it’s just the mad idea of a powerful being i.e. Mayu, who wanted to mess around with people’s weakness for an easy path to their greatest desires. There must be something else behind all this, and it looks like this whole white and black girl shenanigans related to that. I’m looking forward to finding out, it’s just a shame that this episode didn’t give us anything apart from the backstory to a character we meet for the first time. Though that may mean she’ll take a more important role? Otherwise this entire episode of backstory feels wasted. Doesn’t give us any clues on the deeper meanings and going-ons of this game.

I was wondering, is it that surprising that Futase Fumio knew of everything considering she did write about it all? I mean seriously what are the chances of it all being her imagination and it happens to be the truth?

I feel that character development is something they don’t really take account here. Ever since the start of last season I’ve been talking about Ruko indecisiveness, and here 5 episodes into the second season I still find myself talking about the same thing. I had thought, or rather hoped, that after finding a goal to fight for she would change for the better, but after losing Tama, all that development was reversed. If something big in her life was to change I don’t think she’d ever recover, or at least take an extremely long time to recover. However it seems like a good motivational speech from Iona has sparked Ruko’s battle loving self again. And everything Iona says is true, she won’t be able to save Tama if she’s this bad and losses 3 times before getting there. In any TCG anime, any type of motivational speech will break new limits, and it’s no different here as level 5 is reached for Iona to win the battle.