That Existence is Dark Black


The girl of white has a good heart whilst the girl of black has an evil heart. The girl of black hated the girl of white and wants to eliminate her. However they were both once the same person. Iona is apparently that girl of black.

Futase’s struggling with writers block because she’s written everything she knows about the WIXOSS world. She doesn’t know what to write anymore yet she feels she must keep writing, a feeling of being crushed under the weight of another’s dream and forgetting who you were. She wants to go back to Mayu to continue her story and that is why she battles.

After being told about the girl of black, Iona falls unconscious. There isn’t much that can be done but luckily Iona seems to recover slowly as Ruko returns home with Hitoe. The day gets late and Hitoe has to head home, she leaves Yuzuki with Ruko on her request.

On the way back, Htoe runs into Akira who wants to battle, but without Yuzuki she can’t. This sends fear into Akira as she won’t be able to complete Ulith’s request, until she thinks of something else. She kidnaps Hitoe and phones Ruko to meet her. Without much of a choice Ruko obliges and meets Akira in a dark building. Ulith appears there as well.


So there’s a high probability that Iona is related to Mayu, perhaps even that they were originally the same person? I felt that that part was probably more pointed to them two being from the same mother and that they’re sisters. Still though, as Yuzuki asks, what does this white and black girl have to do with selectors, wishes and battles?

My thought is that of the sisters, one became evil and wanted to toy around with people’s desires. Whilst the other lost their memories somehow and joined in that game but is now slowly remembering that they wanted to stop her. Perhaps a plausible story for what may have happened between Mayu and Iona. I think it explains why Iona knew so much, unless she was like Futase and had been through it all before. But having not mentioned anything even remotely to suggest that, I don’t feel that that’s the case.

And also, thinking back with Tama, she was white when dueling wasn’t she? I wonder if that perhaps is related somehow? Is that why Mayu has taken such a liking to her? Or even, is it because Mayu created her hence she’s white? For a LRIG, she knew nothing and could barely speak, was very strange and it’s perfectly understandable to believe that she perhaps wasn’t a Selector before this. She came from somewhere else. Where and why? I think that answer will probably lie with Mayu.

Dealing with writers block can be a struggle. I’ve never had that problem back when I used to write stories, ideas kept coming, if anything i didn’t have enough time to write everything I wanted. It’s unfortunately the same now, nowhere near enough time, what with exams and work, to write anything. I do hope to restart my writing properly once my exams are completely over in two years time though.

After listening to Futase’s woes, I think I now clearly see their problems. In this world of selectors, you’re probably forced by an unknown power to keep your Selector’s dreams going. But of course the huge problem is that it’s not your dream. You’re not doing something you wanted to do, you’re only there because of your selfish, yet understandable, desire of wanting to become human again. For that you probably had to deceive your Selector so you could send them to the same fate and free yourself. After all that, even if there is no unknown powers at work, you would still feel obligated to fulfill their wish out of sheer guilt, if you have a conscious of any sort. That is indeed what I would call a curse, something you’re powerless to stop, a cycle of despair.

Also, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Akira seriously need another good crushing and humiliation in battle. Seriously, even after that scar she didn’t reflect on everything, she just came out with more anger that ever. And now that Ulith has given her a reason to exist and to be angry, it certainly ups her level of bitchiness. It’s just a shame Hitoe’s such a delicate girl and even with the recent confidence boost it takes a lot to be able to stand up to someone like Akira. She’s probably lacking in both strength and will, but at least she tried that’s character development.

Looks like that fated battle between Ruko and Tama is upon us. Now this is going to be the biggest test for Ruko’s character development. Is she at a mental point that’s strong enough to properly fight Tama? I have a feeling the answer’s no, but I’m sure Iona will talk some sense into her, hopefully. If not, it’s game over.