This week, on Song Of The Week, we learn about the Evolving Credits trope.

And what better anime to use as an example than the one that mastered the trope – s-CRY-ed.

I loved this opening way back when. It had a nice rock-like melody, but also had brass. And it also had Spanish guitar. So it was a cool genre fusion for me to listen to every episode. The lyrics also changed per episode, depending on which characters where heavily featured. And the opening animation changed with them.

Kazuma’s the focus of the episode? Well, he’ll be the focus of the opening. Ryuuhou instead? He’ll be the opening’s main character. What’s this? A character has been killed off for good? Well, expect their scene in the opening to be tinted sepia for the remaining duration of the anime. New characters are introduced? Expect them to feature more heavily in the opening.

This is what all opening animations should aspire to be. Hell, fans love it so much, the DVD box set allowed you the option of watching just the episodes’ openings alone. That’s how good it is.


Non-Spoiler First Episode Opening Edit


Full Spoilery Opening Montage Version