That Lie a Scar


Ulith is disappointed with the show that Akira put on and knees her into the ground. She then explains her story about always wanting to break something. And thanks to WIXOSS she was able to crush people without anyone ever finding out. That’s why she wanted to become a LRIG, to keep within this cycle of despair and that’s why she’ll still continue to battle as she now wants to break Ruko and Iona.

With Hitoe as hostage, Ruko isn’t given a choice and the battle begins between Ulith and Ruko.

The battle rages fiercely and all the while, a rejected Akira is wallowing in despair.

Ruko grows Iona to level 5 and attacks. The attack doesn’t get through but from that, Iona figures out that Tama is the girl of light.

She then tells the story of a girl who was born into solitude, was never loved and had not seen the outside world. The story of a girl of white and a girl of black being the same person isn’t exactly right. The girl of white is Tama and the girl of black is Iona, and Mayu is their mother.

After this truth comes out, Mayu is anything but delighted. She sends a shock of pain to Iona and stops watching the proceedings.


As much as I’d like to say this episode provided a lot of information, it really didn’t do anything. Apart from finding out what Ulith is all about and that is good entertainment I might add, we’re still not getting any closer to anything.

Similarly the information that Iona and Tama are the girls of black and white and are, ‘daughters’ I guess, to Mayu, doesn’t really add anything either. And also, it wasn’t really that shocking anyway, with Tama’s origins unknown she was obviously related somehow to Mayu. So a daughter and mother relationship with how they act together isn’t all that surprising. What is surprising is Tama and Iona being sisters. So I’ll ask again though, what does this white and black girl have to do with selectors battles?

As much as I detest Akira, she’s now just become so pitiful that it’s hard to even laugh at her. All I can do is pity her, though I guess that in itself is enough. Ulith has succeeded in breaking her. So as we can tell in this episode Ulith just wants some friends, she’s lonely. After all, it’s hard to find broken people to befriend, so she needs to break them to join her in a world of broken dreams…

Anyway this will now be a huge test of Ruko’s growth in the series, so far she’s had the resolve to fight Tama head on. But with Tama’s tears and a hurt Iona, can she continue? As much as I’ve criticized the character development up to now, this is one huge chance to turn it around and show us again the determination Ruko can muster up when it counts.

But I do wonder what Ruko has that makes her so special in all this? I was thinking could it be about the fact that she’s ‘light’ and Iona is darkness and they mix so well? After all, it’s about the Ying and Yang, a right balance to bring out someone’s powers right?

Mayu still looks to be purely an onlooker enjoying this tale enfold. But as demonstrated she does have some power over the LRIGs, or is it just Iona and Tama? But even if the truth about their relationship is revealed what could she be irritated about? It’s not like anything can happen.

With the short shift in attention to Ruko’s grandma, I wonder if she may actually interrupt the game before they finish? I felt that was the point of showing grandma that Ruko is missing, otherwise that was a bit of wasted animation that again added nothing to the show.