This World is My Property


Iona continues her story of Mayu’s loneliness. She only knew a room and nothing else, she was always alone yet doesn’t know what being alone meant. But she picked up a book and realised that there were things beyond her room. She then picked up some WIXOSS cards and realised she couldn’t play alone. So she created imaginary friends to play with, they were Tama and Iona.

She then created the rules of the Selector game. She also wished revenge against those in the outside world. Those that could wish for things, and from there, the whole cycle of Selectors started from this girl’s imaginations as Tama and Iona took to real life in LRIG form.

Iona explains that because she was the girl of black, her fate was to bring misery to everyone. She did so and went from LRIG to human to LRIG to human etc. As Iona she met Ulith who was in the same form as she used to be when she started her life as a LRIG.

However during that time period, Iona and Tama changed after interactions with people like Ruko. So they feel hopeful that Mayu can also make friends with her and end Selector battles.

Ulith puts a firm foothold in the battle after that conversation ends stating that she still needs Tama to crush more people. She uses her dark powers and also grows Tama to a dark level 5 and destroys Iona with brute force winning the match and scarring Tama.

Later when it’s just Akira and Ulith. Akira, having realised that Ulith has tossed her away, stabs her in the side and walks away.


Ha, the first time I’ve ever cheered for Akira. As soon as the pen came on screen I was thinking, do it, stab her, you know you want to. And not surprisingly, she does. It’s Ulith’s own undoing, she forced Akira into a corner, and people are unpredictable when they get desparate. With such strong anger issues like Akira’s it’s very hard to know what she’ll be like when she’s broken with nothing to lose. You force a tiger into a corner and it’ll strike back, it’s as simple as that. If you break someone like Hitoe, she probably wouldn’t be able to touch you. It was a clear misjudgment from Ulith’s she thought she had Akira in her grasp with all this love thing, but I think kneeing her in the stomach may have tipped Akira over the edge. She had it coming anyway.

But I think the most important part of this episode was focused on how the Selector battles came about. It was in fact an imaginary game created from a lonely girl who went a little insane. I don’t know about you, but that’s a little disappointing. It was because a girl imagined this whole thing and it happened. Why did it happen though? I know for one thing, imaginary friends don’t come alive. And certainly not imaginary games.

If I’m honest, it still feels like it’s left us in the dark. I get it, and if I can ignore the complete nonsensical way that Selector battles started, then fine. But without any reason apart from it just happened, I find it extremely difficult to accept and indeed understand it.

Everything else looked so promising, yeah a lonely girl started thinking up imaginary friends, went a bit mental as you do when you talk to yourself all the time. Wanted revenge against all those that were free in the outside world who could dream normally, even that was understandable, i.e. jealousy coming into play and from a kids perspective, it’s a very strong feeling. And then becoming extremely twisted from that loneliness. I accept all that but I can’t accept that the whole Selector battles just poof, like magic, came about out of nowhere.

It would’ve been easier to accept if they said she sold her soul to the devil. At least then there was an ‘initiation’ if you will. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out if she’s dead. Perhaps she became some sort of spiritual creature and hence the powers to create the game? I’d actually be happy with that. Things don’t just happen!

Unfortunately I think we’ve got all the explanations we’ll get. With Ulith stabbed, it looks very likely we’ll be moving on from the backstory. So I guess I’ll have to just accept the ludicrous idea that Selector battles materialized out of a girl’s imaginations randomly. Unless it was mentioned of how it came about properly and I missed it. If only my imaginations could materialize randomly…