That Abrupt Separation


No one thinks badly of Mayu, in fact they all kinda feel sorry for her. Yuzuki theorises that Mayu wanted everyone to know what it feels like to be lonely by trapping them in a card.

After watching how Iona has changed, Mayu isn’t happy. Meanwhile Ulith has recovered a little after resting.

Even with two losses and knowing everything, Chiroyi still wants to battle and challenges Hitoe and Ruko. Akira shows herself and wants a battle too. But Hitoe and Ruko drag Chiyori away and instead Hitoe agrees to battle her so she can stop her wish to join WIXOSS and may make her forget WIXOSS which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

During the duel, it’s as everyone thought, Eldora knew they can’t win and wanted to battle so Chiyori will lose and become a normal girl again. We leave the match before the final attack is thrown.

Elsewhere, Akira locates Ulith and challenges her.


Two sadists going at each other necks will be fun next episode, that’s assuming Ulith won’t refuse to battle, and why would she. Ulith is the more likely candidate to win, but she does have an injury I wonder if that’ll be to her detriment if she accepts, perhaps that’s why Akira stabbed her knowing she will face her soon. Tactically well played, sorta, if it was.

I think we all knew what Eldora was playing and I feel that this is the best path for her. However now that we’re coming to an end of Chiyori’s story, it leaves me wondering what the whole point of her character was. She was one of the five players in the main banner but she barely showed herself in the first season and feels like an extra in this season. Maybe she’s one of the better things to come out of selector battles i.e. turning a shy girl into an energetic one, if you can call that a good thing. But she doesn’t add anything apart from comic relief, in fact she feels very out of place of this otherwise dark anime. I wonder if that was her point and because they’re reaching an end of this game, they want to eliminate the comedy first to finish it on a serious note? Well either way, I agree that the world of Selector battles is a bit too much for a naive girl like her.

I actually was thinking about what would happen if Tama kept winning and Ulith became a LRIG again, or if she even has a wish. I got my answer here, seems that Ulith is quite happy going back to being a LRIG and welcomes Tama to take over Iona’s body. I don’t think it’d be too bad if Tama joined the others as Iona. The only problem I foresee is that it’s going to be difficult for someone who was created to be a LRIG and is extremely childlike, to survive in the human world. I’m not sure how Iona survived the first time she became human but I guess the girl of black was probably never meant to be a naive innocent childlike person.

I think this may be the first episode I’ve seen this many card terms used. I don’t understand a thing, but I think I get the jist of it. Chiyori’s gonna lose, I got that much. Although, I was thinking, just maybe, someone may interrupt the duel and Chiyori will then just refuse to battle again and be friends with Eldora instead. I’d see that as a happier ending to their story. But either way, at the end of the day, reversing Chiyori’s wish isn’t anything bad.