A day late because my exam was earlier this afternoon, so I delayed it until today. But with my exam over, I am now free to enjoy Christmas with nothing in the back of my mind to worry about.

If you’re wondering about my choice of song, well this is the story.

I haven’t had any time to think about this until literally half an hour ago at the moment I’m writing this, mind’s been full of IFRS stuff if anyone know what that means. But anyway, I wanted to go with a very cheery song this time, so that’s exactly what I searched on Google, ‘cheery anime song’. But unfortunately Google thought I mean ‘cherry’ and not ‘cheery’ for some reason and one of the first results that came up was Senbonzakura. I thought that sounds familiar, and after listening to it I remember it, a friend introduced it to me quite a while ago and I actually quite liked it. So I thought why not?

And that’s why I give you Senbonzakura by KuroUsa-P feat. Hatsune Miku.