This Warmth is at its Limit


With three losses Chiyori forgets everything and wakes up to Hitoe and Ruko. Hitoe asks her to be their friend but she gets scared ad runs off. Eldora apologises for her, climbs out of the card and walks away.

Meanwhile, Ulith and Akira start their battle back in the tower that Iona owns.

Hitoe and Ruko try to track Ulith down and get a message with where Iona is. When they arrive they realise that Iona is not Ulith anymore. She’s the original Iona. She explains that her wish was not to be Iona anymore which Mayu took offence to, and maybe because of that she was assigned to weak Selectors and kept losing. But one day she felt that Iona’s original body became hollow and she claimed it back.

This means that Ulith became an eternal girl, but because of that Tama should now be human, however it seems she refused.

After a chat with Hitoe and Ruko, Iona leaves them. Ruko doesn’t change her plans and still plans to keep on winning to meet Mayu and Tama and hope that Mayu understands her

Since the original Iona is now back to being Iona, they decide to rename the LRIG Iona something else. Because she likes snow, they call her Yuki, logic. They didn’t ask who the message was from but Yuzuki seems to recognise the sender’s email address.

Annoyed that Tama found happiness in the real world and left Mayu, she locks Tama behind bars.

Back in the real world, Hitoe and Ruko pay ‘Yuzuki’ a visit.


So by Yuzuki’s reaction and the fact that they’re visiting the real world Yuzuki, Shadow Prince must be her then. Apart from the fact that it’s an interesting name as she calls herself ‘prince’, I wonder why she’s suddenly making contact now? Is she feeling guilty for taking over the body? Is all the talk about being uncomfortable living someone else’s dream affecting her?

And another interesting opportunity has opened up with Iona claiming back her body, is that something Yuzuki could perhaps do too? There’s finally a route to a happy ending that I can see. Still difficult though after finally becoming a human I don’t think Yuzuki particularly wants to leave just yet, and even then she has to become a Selector again and win and she shows no sign of that yet.

Tama’s been out of place for a long time and choosing not to become human shows that. She’s too pure, too innocent. I’m actually not sure what I want to happen to her, she’s stubbornly staying in one place in terms of development, so I guess the best outcome is just getting back with Ruko and staying together forever…? Still, I hope for some sort of development, just so that she defends herself a little and puts Mayu in her place. But by the way they’re portraying her, it’s unlikely any drastic like that will happen.

On that note though, where is the world that Mayu resides in? It doesn’t seem like somewhere you can get to in the normal world. So to reach it Ruko has to win again and go with Iona to confront her. That’ll probably be the next part as we near the end of the season. Find some random selectors to destroy.

Wonder where Ulith’s gone? Since Tama refused I thought maybe she stayed as Iona, but obviously not. However she did win, so she’s a LRIG again. Where will she pop up? Nobody knows. I don’t think Akira’s lost three times so she probably won’t end up with her. But that also begs the question what’s happened to Akira? She’s obviously lost it and after another defeat and probably a lot of torment from Ulith, I wonder how broken she is now. I think Ulith will pop up again when Iona and Ruko reach Mayu to give them one final fight there.