Me again. And it’s another RWBY song.

“Will you ever get tired of this music?” you ask? “Hell no,” I reply.

This song was a shining piece of RWBY Vol. 2, and gave the whole character development mini-arc an awesomely-designed cap, which I now figuratively tip at the song’s writer, Jeff Williams.

The song deals with the Pyrrha/Jaune ship that’s been a blatant fixture of this season, along with a few moments of last season. The lyrics deal with how Pyrrha has been put on a pedestal, and feels alone, but Jaune treats her like a normal person, which makes her ironically feel special in a way.

It’s kind of touching, and not something I normally latch onto. I’m not really a subtext kind of guy.

Anyway, it was used as a BGM to a fricking choreographed dance routine in-universe, and was the ending theme to the same episode. So it gets a fair bit of airplay in the episode, which it richly deserves.


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