Yes this is late again, this time because I was out at friends’ for two days straight and didn’t have access to any form of a computer to type up my SOTW. Which is also the reason why there hasn’t been any blogs last week. I was also at my work’s Christmas party on Friday night so I basically had 3 consecutive nights of doing nothing blogging related, but I had a great time. However now that everything’s settled down I’ll catch up on my blogs and also get the new season blog out too soon.

But for now, with the festive season underway, I thought I’d bring some more cheer and go for a festive anime song. This one is a few years old, but that doesn’t matter, all good Christmas songs are played year after year. So here is a Christmas song from one of my favourite anime Shugo Chara, Happy Xmas by Kanae Itou.