Beginning of a Dream


Kirito uses the same technology that Kirito’s developing for Yui, for Yuuki to be able to ‘walk’ around with Asuna and see everything by attaching a camera to Asuna’s shoulder.

After a fun day at school, Yuuki tells Asuna about how she faced her family troubles and urges Asuna to face her parents too. So she does exactly that. She manages to take her mum into the virtual world to have a heart to heart.

Asuna shows her mum her game house and the snow outside the window. They take a trip down memory lane to memories of Asuna’s grandparents and how proud they were of Asuna’s mum. After their talk, it seems Asuna finally gets through.


Yeah, not hard to beam a live camera feed with the internet, like video calling, just need a good connection. I actually thought it would be on Asuna’s head for a better point of view, but I guess shoulder height is fine. I mean I don’t know Yuuki’s height so maybe Asuna’s shoulder height is right. Also, I realised we’ve never actually seen much if anything of their school, uniform yes, but very little was revealed about the building and place in general. So it was nice to finally see as this has been a centerpiece of the mother and daughter discontent. Still I find the Yuuki wanting to go to school is too much of a cliche to find emotion from, in developed countries I think it’s safe to say most people can’t wait to stop going to school, this of course reverses in less developed countries and it makes it hard to connect with. I always find it hard to empathize with characters who want a normal life and go to school etc, because it’s difficult when you’ve never been in that situation. Also, what’s so great about a normal life? As they say, variety is the spice of life.

I find it ironic that Yuuki warns Asuna about Kirito, but I guess there’s no one better to warn her. And it is something to note. As nice as Kirito is, he is a bit ‘deep’ into the virtual world, he lives a little differently to everyone else. But I would say that Asuna is well aware, or should be. And there would be nothing wrong with this kind of relationship as long as you accept this and are fine with it.

It’s nice that Asuna got through to her mum eventually and she did it on her own terms. It is sometimes hard for a parent to see things from a child’s point of view, an adult’s perspective of the world changes a lot as they grow and I feel they often forget the times when they were children. And mostly, they don’t realise how much the world has changed since they were small or how different their child’s life might be compared to theirs. They need to see if from their perspective, just to have a glimpse of what they’re feeling. Asuna did this well but I feel that her mum may have wanted it too otherwise she wouldn’t have given the virtual world a chance, I guess just from the fact that she’s letting Asuna play, is also testament to that.

It was a nice episode, hard to believe that it was Yuuki, who has no parents, who was the catalyst to dissolve the tensions between Asuna and her mum. It was pleasant and peaceful and Asuna’s mum finally calmed. I think what she needed was a break. Sometimes you get too stuck into what you’re doing that you forget your original goal. Her mum’s been going too fast for too long. There’s also no reason to push your children the way your push yourself, they should decide their own path, you should only be there to guide

I also will say that the episode did bring me closer to Yuuki a little more, but again due to this entire arc being so short and our time with Yuuki being anything but long and engaging, I still say it’ll be a while before I can feel anything for her. Who knows though, the Asuna and mum talk was actually moving and perhaps SAO can do it right with Yuuki’s end. Though I may have been biased due to the fact that I love the sight of snow…