That Locked Window


Hanayo’s fallen in love with Kazuki, most likely due to the wish, however she wants to like him as Hanayo and not as Yuzuki. Kazuki overhears this and they decide to tell him the truth as Hanayo runs out and collapses from illness.

Ruko wants to hurry and get to Mayu so Yuki comes up with an idea. The battlefield of selector battles is linked to the white room, if Iona can call out to Tama and she responds, they may be able to fulfill Ruko’s wish as she should still be a in a state ready for her wish to be granted.

So, Hitoe and Ruko head into the battlefield. During their battle they hear Tama’s voice and with the battle won, Ruko becomes an eternal girl with Yuki and Tama together and enter the white garden.

Hitoe comes back into the real world but nothing’s changed. Ruko is still standing there unconscious with Yuki also in stasis. Kazuki believes that there is a real life Mayu and Hitoe had a glimpse of the white garden and remembers somewhere similar to that in the real world.

In the white garden, Mayu greets Yuki and Ruko. Ruko isn’t able to convince Mayu with her words the first try. Instead Ulith appears revealing that she wanted to be the LRIG of someone who would bring despair to everyone, and that selector is Mayu. So she challenges them to a battle. Yuki thinks this would be a good idea as Mayu hasn’t played against other people before, this could be an opportunity to change her opinion so they accept.

During the battle Yuki starts disappearing as because Iona is back in her original body Yuki doesn’t have the right to be an eternal girl anymore. They also hear Tama’s voice asking to be brought to Yuki. So, Ruko grabs Yuki before she disappears and runs.

Back in the real world, Hitoe leads Kazuki to a library where it resembles the white garden.

Ruko doesn’t get far before Mayu catches up. She grows Ulith to level 5 and takes out Yuki.


Oh yeah, Iona/Kuro has another name now, completely forgot and was also wondering who is this Yuki? Also I found it hilarious that Ruko just up and ran, can you just run like that? That’s hilarious.

Mayu’s death wasn’t really a big surprise. After hearing that she was a child who had lived in the real world I was wondering how a game like this could be created from a human. So I thought it’s probably because she’s not human, or at least not a normal human. Also, when they talked about Mayu’s life of solitude it did very much seem like it was in the far past and not recent. So, she’s got to have developed some powers, or she’s dead and is haunting everyone with this game. And since every human has so far been normal, death seemed like the more likely explanation. Death was an easy ‘way’ to explain how she gained powers without turning the laws of this world around seeing as no one knows what happens after death. So she’s now a soul who can’t rest in peace due to the life she led. Still feels weird to me, but I can at least accept death as a ‘plausible’, if you can call it that, explanation to her powers.

Well then, what now? Hard to convince someone of being friends after they’re dead. But maybe they can, so Mayu can move on. I feel like they’ve been put into a very difficult situation that will take a very good speech or other reason to get out of. This is a girl, who died young, went insane, which you can’t blame her for, and hates the world because she was kept in solitude all her life and never felt loved.

I think there’s a miniscule chance that it could end in a bad way. Yuki ‘dies’ and Tama is never released, Ruko becomes a LRIG forever, or is trapped in the garden. Probably won’t be the case, but I feel that it wouldn’t actually be ‘bad’, in the sense that I still feel it’s a very difficult situation to get a happy ending out of.

But anyways, with the fact that she’s dead and we’re going into that territory, it looks like what she’s actually doing is moving around people’s souls. That makes sense as no one’s human appearance changes, only their mind.

Small thing, Mayu’s trapped Tama in the same situation as she was. I feel that usually when you’re a parent you want your kids to live better than you, not the same. Mayu is obviously not a good parent.