This Selection


Tama somehow finds a door to escape from her prison and joins up with Ruko. She asks to be joined with Yuki and Ruko fuses them together to level 5, Mayu. Ruko tells the real Mayu that if they met under different circumstances they could’ve been friends. Mayu can’t accept that and the battle continues.

Meanwhile, Kazuki and Hitoe break into Mayu’s real life house and we hear more of her depressing backstory of solitude.

Ruko finally finds out that Mayu is actually already dead as the world around them collapse and Ruko loses consciousness. Ruko wakes up later with Tama+Yuki for one last game against Mayu to guess the colour of the card of her heart. She rightly guesses non-coloured and sends Ulith to her death. Mayu accepts the loss, embraces Ruko and disappears into an open window as a flurry of butterflies. With the victory Ruko wishes for that all LRIGs to turn back to human.

The epilogue rolls and Selector battles have finished, everyone who was turned into a LRIG is now back to a normal human.


Right… so there was a door…? That conveniently appeared when she’s was thinking there may be a door? Well, I feel a little cheated, I’m not sure what it was trying to insinuate with that, maybe that because she is a part of Mayu she commands that space as well? Or Mayu didn’t actually want to imprison her? Either way it was way too easy.

Again, even after it’s finished I still don’t ‘get it’. I mean yes everything’s explained, I agree with that, but all of it still feels strange, not sure I’m being very clear but perhaps you know what I mean anyway…

A quick point, apart from the fact that Yuki’s speech sounded like a huge innuendo, it was sorta teary, but not really…

As for the overall series, it was dark and it was a card game anime that didn’t focus on the card game. The whole premise of the anime was actually quite interesting, an endless cycle of changing from human to card to human. The torment of carrying the burden of completing someone else’s dream that isn’t yours just because you wanted to be human again. And even then you have to continue to battle. A cycle of desire that feeds on a human’s underlying laziness to be granted what they want without trying. I really enjoyed this view of the world, which all came from a dead girl’s desire for revenge and making others feel her pain.

I forgot that Ruko didn’t know Mayu was dead. And even after she knew it felt that Ruko didn’t truly take it to heart. Apart from the initial shock, it felt that she just continued as normal. But I guess if it was to truly affect her, she probably wouldn’t have been able to complete what she needed to do.

I also wondered what the purpose of going to Mayu’s real life home was, I’m pretty sure nothing important happened there. And if it was to point out that she’s dead, well there were much easier ways. Then again, I guess it was probably a filler for ‘cliffhanger moments’ during the Mayu vs Ruko duel.

Another thing I was wondering about was Ulith, she was originally human wasn’t she? She had quite a dark end, if anyone was evil it was her, but still, her purpose was an odd one. She didn’t ‘relate’ to Mayu, yet she still played a vital role. I felt that there may have been more behind Ulith, and that they should’ve fleshed out her history more rather than having her as this broken person who wants to snap everything else in two. It worked for us to dislike her, but I still get a feeling that she could’ve been much more.

The main thing I have to complain about is Ruko’s (non-existent) character development. She changed at the end, but it was still quite reserved and throughout the entire series it didn’t feel like any major steps were taken.

But anyway, I did enjoy this show, it was nice seeing such a dark concept, even if it didn’t make that much sense, to grace a card game. Also nice to see a card game anime not even bothering to explain the game but focus on the story, I respect this anime for that. The unfortunate part is that too much of the anime is a bit ‘iffy’, which is as it sounds, a little unexplainable and strange. Though I guess that quirkiness made it intriguing and kept me watching. The main story and concept wasn’t too hard to understand and I say it was definitely a watchable card game anime even if you roll your eyes after hearing the phrase ‘TCG’ anime.