Assassination Time


Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka junior high, a class of underachievers that can’t keep up with the rest, is tasked with the assassination of their teacher, a tentacle creature of incredible power that has destroyed the moon and blow destroy the world as well by graduation.

Their teacher made a deal with the government as he knows they don’t have the power to kill him. The deal was to teach class 3-E and he has agreed not to harm any students. This also gives them the chance to keep an eye on him and gives all their students a chance to kill him too. Success for killing him equates to an award of 10bn yen.

But the thing is, he’s the best teacher they’ve ever had.

Their new assassination plan is to have Nagisa, one of the students, suicide bomb him at close range. But he escapes unharmed due to having shed his skin and using that as protection.

As the episode wraps up they manage to think of a name for this tentacle creature teacher. Koro-sensei.


A very ‘straightforward’ and completely ludicrous set up, but so far looks to be quite entertaining. Many questions to ask though, why a teacher? Obviously it relates to that woman short flashback scene but of course that itself is a massive question. He probably has ties with earth, which is the case why blow it up? He’s even shown fondness of earth food like mapo tofu, which I agree is something amazing and you need to try it someday if you like spicy food.

What I’m thinking is that the whole blow up earth thing is an empty threat. His ties with the world seem strong enough to want to help a classroom of underachievers, so I don’t think he would just blow it up like that. I think the assassination part is purely to boost everyone’s lost confidence for attending this class of, what seem to be, rejects as he knows perfectly well he can’t be killed. Why blow up the moon? Well I was thinking it’s most likely because the moon doesn’t really matter to anyone and it’s the best way to substantiate his claim that he can indeed blow the earth up.

He received a request to help a classroom of children and so threatening the world is one way of getting to it, seeing as he can’t just walk up to a school and apply to be a teacher. That’s what I’m thinking anyway. Ticks all the boxes of everything he’s done and everything he may do and why. Still though, making them into killers to boost their confidence is a bit extreme. However this is anime and all seems well to me.

Also, some interesting flashbacks, this creature looks to have quite an interesting backstory, with a human woman no less. Is she the reason he’s doing what he’s doing? And if not, what makes him do what he does?

Also I agree completely with what he says as well, you know you’re good if everyone’s looking at you. Reminds me actually of the Bleach BGM ‘Number One’, a line went ‘Be the focus of attention. Be the name that everyone must mention’.

And speaking of Koro-sensei, he has such a caring and friendly smile, it’s not creepy and doesn’t seem to have any malicious intent behind it. I can’t see him blowing up the world, until he went into halloween jack-o-lantern mode. But he quickly recovered from that.

Also, just to get technical, the speed of sound can vary depending on temperature hence why Mach speeds were created to simplify things. So if we’re looking at it this way, his guy has no static top speed? His top speed will be based on temperature as well, I wonder if that has anything to do with what he is, either that or I’m looking way too deep into this. Probably the latter.

Well anyways, apart from what could be a deep backstory and a plotline with little facets of mystery that makes you think a little, it’s fairly relaxed. Whilst it isn’t as serious as Danganronpa or Akuma no Riddle, which is what I was hoping for, the potential for an interesting plot and good character development is there. We even got a little Nagisa development already. So I’m quite happy that it’s a bit silly and it seems to be a bit of crazy fun entertainment.