Karma Time


Karasuma joins their class as their PE teacher to do drills in the basics of assassination. In addition, Karma Akabane returns to class E. He seems to be acquainted with Nagisa and instantly declares war on Koro sensei by blowing up his hand with a well ‘performed’ handshake. And after some good old trash talking, Koro sensei’s not in a good mood.

Karma steals Koro’s ice cream which draws Koro into another trap of anti Koro bullets on the floor blowing up his foot. And to add salt to the wound he shoves the ice cream into Koro’s clothes.

As Koro flies away to buy more ice cream, he wonders how he’ll deal with this new troublemaker.

After hearing from Nagisa that Koro likes to be known as an octopus, Karma kills an octopus and puts it on Koro’s desk. Koro doesn’t fall to his animosity and instead makes takoyaki from the octopus and serves it to Karma as breakfast. He tells him that he can keep trying to kill him, but Koro will just take care of him instead.

The rest of Karma’s attempts on that day backfire with Koro on high alert. So he decides to try a last gambit and throw himself off a cliff daring Koro to rescue him with a gun pointing straight up or lose his reputation as a teacher.

Koro uses his tentacles as a spider web and catches Karma binding his arms and legs down with the web’s stickiness and so saving him without putting his own life in danger and seems to have made some progress with Karma’s attitude.


With Karasuma coming in as their new PE teacher they’re getting some actual assassin training. It feels like some secret organisation training a group of kids up to be future assassins for the country. Except it’s all quite lighthearted so far and they haven’t completely destroyed anyone’s ability to feel emotions, which I’m pretty sure is a vital part of becoming an assassin.

This episode provides Koro with his first troubling student, I mentioned this last episode. This was Koro’s first challenge and whilst he did deal with it admirably by not losing his temper, it felt far too quick and I don’t think they really explored much of Karma. So far he’s just a kid who lost faith in his teachers so he wants to kill them. It seems too ‘easy’ and unrealistic. Yes we know he was troubled before the teacher incident but I don’t think that was fleshed out properly. I’m hoping we see more of him and his development into a better student and hopefully his trust in teachers will slowly recover.

I do want to make a comment on Karma’s success at hurting Koro though. He’s the first one because for one thing, he was serious in really wanting to hurt him. He didn’t give a crap about anything, referring back to the losing your emotions part of my argument on assassins earlier. I mean obviously Karma has emotions, but it was more to wanting to hurt rather than a robot just ordered to kill. Either way it’s better than having ‘good’ emotions and not completely serious about trying to kill. Which is what I feel for the majority of the class. To become a murderer you must first at the very least want to do it. I don’t think anyone, apart from Karma, has that in them. It’s like that ice cream thing, I really don’t think the other students would do that, they’d probably find it too harsh, yet they’re willing to kill him? Sounds unrealistic to me.

In a similar vein, I yet again still can’t see how this monster, that’s will destroy the world, and yet is trying his damnest to become a great teacher for these kids. Sure it’s for a promise, but it surely makes you wonder, why is this promise so dear to him? A theory I was thinking of was that he had a lover of sorts, that girl in the flashback, who died because something terrible happened and Koro couldn’t forgive the world for it and so decided to destroy it. But in her dying moments she asked Koro to become a great teacher for the next generation. For what reason? I don’t know yet. Lemme think on that, but this sounds sorta plausible I’d say.