Hey, anyone noticed this Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V thing that’s been going on?

I have.

As with ZEXAL, I gave ARC-V no chance in hell. However, ZEXAL won me over with good themes and some great and memorable villains.

ARC-V on the other hand won me over in ways I didn’t even imagine. Just the little things, like characters using previously released archetypes, and using plays that real-life players would use.

But more than that is the fact that they haven’t completely ignored old Extra Deck summons in lieu of their new summon mechanic, the Pendulums. In fact, they’ve taken everything together and turned the plotline on it all up to 11, and introduced the concept of parallel universes which focus on each type of Extra Deck summon.

And it’s a great storyline. Like, really amazing.

However, the first OP/ED for ARC-V weren’t great. Bullettrain did the 2nd OP, as they did the 1st, and did it much better the second time. However, this song is the ending, and I believe it’s the second theme in YGO history to be sung by YGO character seiyuu.

Kenshou Ono voices the lead, Yuuya Sakaki, and Yoshimasa Hosoya voices the lead rival, Reiji Akaba. And it’s actually a great theme.


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