Lately after finishing Samurai Warriors 4, i.e. 100% trophies, I’ve been getting back into League of Legends. Yes I play that game. So whilst playing, I’ve been listening to a lot of BGM music and as you all know, or may not if you haven’t followed me for long, Guilty Crown has my favourite BGM track with Kill la Kill coming very closely in second.

However the BGM I have for this SOTW is from a fairly recent anime that I enjoyed, Mahouka. It’s probably not what you’re expecting as it’s very mellow, but reminded me to stay relaxed in games. Here is Silhouette of a Ballerina by Suzi Kim.

I won’t say what my name on LoL is for privacy reasons, not that I expect anyone to add me anyway, but you never know who will, gotta be prudent. Though if you’re wondering and would like to play, send me a message. But I can’t promise anything of course.