Assembly Time


Things are starting to feel ‘normal’ in class E and Okuda tries an extremely straightforward attempt at assassination by asking Koro to drink poison. But the poison only changes Koro’s facial expressions.

Koro actually decides to help her make a poison and then later drinks it, but the poison melts Koro into a fluid like substance so he can get anywhere. He then delivers an inspiring talk about how to effectively poison someone to Okuda which seems to cheer her up.

Next up there is a school assembly and class E are required to travel to the main school during their lunch break. And even at the assembly, class E are ridiculed by the entire school. This is all of course, as the school’s chairman (Gakuhou Asano) repeats elsewhere, so that the rest of the school will always endeavor to avoid failure at all costs.

Though with Karasuma and Irina at class E, many of the other students are starting to become jealous.

This irritates some of the other students who’re unhappy at how class E seem happy and so two students who are familiar with Nagisa confront him about it. But Nagisa keeps calm and shows them his murderous glare to drive them away into fear.

Watching all of this from CCTV is Gakuho, who is also unhappy with how things are with class E and so he plans to do something about it.


Well this is an interesting turn of events, could this be the next step in the story, the school chairman vs Koro? Whatever the case that’ll be an interesting showdown especially with Aizen’s voice actor at the helm. Though actually, I wonder if this means something else, could the chairman be planning something more, something deeper in the wider society? He has the next generation’s elite in his palm and he’s manipulating their view point already. His ideals are rather twisted, even if it’s true what he says that fear of falling to the bottom will help you rise to the top. It still shouldn’t be how kids are brought up, it’ll have a huge impact on their later life. I actually feel sorry for those students who obviously have a superiority complex which is more than likely going to get them into trouble when they start work or just generally life in the adult world.

A small thing I was thinking was why Karma hasn’t made another move yet, he seems awfully settled at the moment. He can’t have given up already has he? Or has he just realized that his constant assassination attempts only raises Koro’s alert and it would be better to lie low for now and strike again when he least expects it.

This episode was nicely split into two quite light hearted halves further setting the scene. With the first half being the usual Koro student encouraging by helping Okuda. It was fairly uneventful and didn’t really achieve anything apart from helping another student come to terms with her weaknesses and instead try to focus on her strengths and improve. It was quite weird with Koro’s face turning into various forms of random monsters but it got a laugh out of me so it was comical enough.

The second half was devoted to bringing out further the whole school ‘layout’, if you will. We see the discrimination at full work here where class E was fully ridiculed openly by the entire school. As unrealistic as the setting is, it does make some interesting viewing in how outsiders like Karasuma and Irina take this. It also makes it that much more sweet to see class E put the other classes down, especially when Nagisa chased off the two bullies. If anything, Koro has managed to give the class a new sense of belief that their life is meant for something and in turn boosted everyone’s self esteem and confidence. I probably have mentioned this before as the plausible outcome of Koro’s class but this is definite proof of that.

Though still, nothing major happened and it did feel like a set up episode for, what I hope to be, a showdown of some sort between the chairman and Koro. It was another very cheery episode from this fun anime so I’m certainly not complaining as it’s more than entertaining enough for me.