I actually thought I blogged this, but searching through my SOTW history says otherwise. This particular song is the ED for Black Bullet, and actually I didn’t like it that much at first. However, I think I mentioned this before at some point, but last year at Hyperjapan Yanagi Nagi came on one of the stages for a performance of a few songs and Tokohana was one of them. And since I was there, I thought I may as well get a signed CD as this opportunity doesn’t come by often. Since then, I’ve listened to it several times more and it grew on me, enough for a mention on my blog. So here is Tokohana by Yanagi Nagi.

Oh also, since I’ve had twitter for such a long time and never really tweeted, I’m gonna try and start an anime quote of the day thing. My first one today is from Cynthia of Pokemon. Let’s see how long I can continue this for.