School Trip Time


It’s the school trip to Kyoto, but everyone still has to be on duty for the assassination which of course means to pick some assassin friendly routes. Nagisa organises his group to be with Sugino, Kayano, Karma, Okuda and Kanzaki.

As Nagisa’s group scout out the areas of potential assassination hotspots in city, they’re suddenly surrounded by a group of ruffians. Karma tries to fight them back but their numbers overwhelmed him and they kidnap Kanzaki and Kayano.

The kidnappers apparently recognise Kanzaki from an arcade a year ago and shows her a picture of a very rebellious Kanzaki during one of her ‘phases’ to which she wasn’t so fond of.

Luckily for Nagisa and their group, there are instructions from a guidebook that Koro made just in case such a kidnapping situation arose. It has probable places where such kidnappers may choose to hide and they turned out to be indeed at one of those locations.

So Nagisa and group crash the hideout along with Koro who joins them later to take out the trash and end a potentially bad situation into a meaningful one as Kanzaki gets over what happened in her rebellious phase.


With how serious Irina was when she first came here, she’s surely dropped her standards a lot. Now she’s anything but professional in her work and especially in her ‘attempts’, if you can call it that, at assassination. I’m not sure what her purpose is anymore, apart from to make the other classes jealous and someone to poke fun at now and then. I find that she’s lost her identity, so I hope she can come back from this ‘slump’ and do something big worthy of what she is soon.

Whilst it was nice getting some more background stories of the students, Kanzaki’s story this episode was a little too underdeveloped. New character introduced, a short chat about a rebellious past due to a strict parenting and after a rescue she’s all better. It was all too easy. This is what I was saying before about how they’re making things easy for Koro, this problem didn’t take any effort at all. And also the whole rebellious thing seemed quite forced, a lot of children have a very strict parentings, like me and probably the majority of Chinese children, but they all turn out fine and never have that phase. I feel they could’ve fleshed it out a bit more to make it believable. Not saying that it can’t happen, it’s just that it didn’t feel deep enough.

Although I guess the entire episode wasn’t focused on that, but they could’ve easily made it more to be about that. Instead the entire trip was a big set up for some hilarity. I love how ‘assassination’ is now so part of everyday life that these students take turns trying to stab Koro whilst he’s resting his deflated head and continuing on the conversation as normal. It makes me wonder if, after getting used to all of this, will they want to kill him for real when the time comes? It’s like the whole seeking revenge thing, after you get that revenge, what next? But hey, they’re having some fun right now, they’ll cross that bridge when they get there I suppose.

Also, speaking of assassination attempts and trying to poison Koro with sweets, why not put an anti Koro bullet into a sweet? Or grind a bullet into dust and add that to a drink? Would that work still I wonder.

I have to say though, I love how this anime makes a seriously dangerous situation into a comical one. There was pretty much no sense of danger at all and I for one was just waiting for what kind of a heroic entrance Koro would make. Also, was one of the bad people using a Jack Daniels bottle? I knew they drank whiskey (or is it even whiskey? I seem to remember it being sour mash, but this isn’t a debate about whiskey so I’ll leave it) in Japan but they should drink their own whiskey, Japanese whiskey is really good, much better than JD.

Well, this was a nice breather episode and it was fun to see Koro beating people up for once and not grooming them.