I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a big Clannad fan. It was my favourite anime for quite some time until it was dethroned by Spice and Wolf, but that’s more to the fact that I was and still am reading Spice and Wolf and I really like the continued story. So it was less the anime itself and more the story overall, however I judge that to be me liking the series. But anyway, love Clannad and still do, so you can probably guess this is gonna be a Clannad song. It is, but it’s not from the anime, it’s the theme to one of the games and not the main one, it’s Tomoyo After. Here is Light Colors by Lia.

I have actually played Clannad’s VN and really enjoyed it, but not been able to play Tomoyo after. Partially because it’s an eroge and also I don’t think there was ever a translation released. Though, I would like to play it at some point, but when I get some more time i.e. not now as I head back into exam season.

KIRAYOSHI EDIT: This is the english patch for the game Tomoyo After, done by fan subbers. click here