Transfer Student Time


A new transfer ‘student’ joins the class, a robot by the name of Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery who uses a massive screen to communicate and will be constantly pointing guns at Koro whilst he can’t do anything to her.

She attacks with guns that comes out of the side of the machine and also improves her assault every time and learns from her successes and failures. She fires a barrage of machine gun and shotgun shots without success and improves for a second round which takes out a finger from Koro using a blind spot.

She then continues her attack constantly calculating and improving so that by graduation she’s confident that her chance of killing Koro will be 90%.

But, that pisses off some students as they’re unable to learn and so they seal her guns with sellotape. Because of that she requests back up but is somehow convinced by Koro to try and get along with her classmates first. He also gives her some new apps with simulations involving working with her classmates for the assassination and extra RAM.

This evolves her from a monotone robot with no emotions to a very human virtual girl complete with emotions, background and a full body size LCD screen. They even give her a name, Ritsu.

But unfortunately her creators aren’t happy with the changes and overhauls her completely so that she is back to her previous one track mind of assassination as their plan is to change the face of war and reap a lot of money from this weapon’s success.

So a new rule is instigated that no one is allowed to harm or upgrade Ritsu including the students. However, she hid what she learnt from Koro and class E and now reinstalls it so that she’s back to her ‘upgraded’ self.


Well, as odd as a new student was going to be I certainly didn’t expect a massive iPod loaded with machine guns. I thought she’d be a robot girl in humanoid form when I heard about modified students. But hey, I guess this gave Koro the opportunity to shine and prove that no matter what student he gets he can help them. The fact that she was a huge iPod made it more prominent that he could help anything, if she was more humanoid it probably would’ve seem less impactful.

And I’m glad that it wasn’t all Koro either and that she ‘thought’ for herself and retained her more human image. Partially because her ‘parents’ are greedy people, and partially because it shows more that Koro’s doing his job properly by not only helping the ‘student’ improve, but also giving her the confidence and resolve to think for herself and defy the odds.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to see a ‘real’ assassination attempt from Ritsu though, repeatedly firing a barrage of machine guns at someone and learning and adapting to their evading patterns is hardly an assassination. It’s brute force. I’m hoping her next attempts with her classmates will be a little more elegant. But it is a good idea to use a machine, their calculating speeds are obviously far superior than a human’s and if programmed right they’ll change and evolve much better. Also the whole monster vs machine concept is a fun one, especially when the monster is trying to help the machine kill him, even if he looks so creepy doing it…

And I love how they make a tiny deal of the smallest bit of information, like what I like to do by nitpicking. So when Koro started randomly talking about all the money he spent on Ritsu’s upgrades, I was all over that. Firstly, how does he make so much money and then complain about not having enough to buy sweets? If he’s got millions surely he can sustain his sweet habits, unless he eats as fast as he moves, which is probably true. But secondly, I’m surprised those upgrades cost so much, I’d have thought he’d be able to write all those programs himself. He must’ve stolen a bank or something, a teacher’s salary can’t be that good, and even if it is he’s only been here a couple of months.

Anyways, we seem to have moved quite far away from what I had hoped to be the storyline involving the headmaster. And with Ritsu needing to settle in and another character on the horizon, I don’t think we’ll go back to that anytime soon. But hey, I’m not that bothered, just enjoying the hilarity as always.