5th Birthday

Five whole years, as I told this to Raven he replied with ‘that popped up quick’, and I have to say I agree. But it has been a while indeed and now, as much as I enjoy my blogging I’m now starting to wonder how long I can keep it up.

If you’re wondering about the picture, let’s put it this way, finding pictures of Shugo Chara characters celebrating is very difficult.

Well, I hope my opening statement hasn’t put a downer on anything, don’t worry I’m not considering retiring/quitting from blogging anytime in the near future. In fact if anything I feel like I’m getting better with it.

Like last year though I’ve also just moved into another new flat, finally moved away from that last place I had. Found a couple of nice housemates to live with and it’s much more pleasant now. So at least that side of life is good and not causing me any stress.

Work is good right now, not much has changed there, it’s been a year and a half and that definitely feels like it’s flown by.

You’ve probably heard all this before, but I am yet again back in exam period. And of courrse you all know what that means, actually not much haha. I’ve kept up two anime blogs during exam times before and I guess that’s what I’ll do still. I’d like to say that I’ll probably be slower with my blogs but I guess it’s always slow whatever happens and I always manage to find time somewhere to write it.

Wasn’t really a year of any highlights either, I went to Switzerland summer last year, had a great time. But otherwise fairly mundane in my daily life. Just focused on my work and getting through my exams too. I guess I don’t plan to make any big changes until that time comes, which will be next year Summer hopefully, if all goes according to plan. So hopefully by then I’ll have something different to say.

But for now, I’ll have my season preview blog up for the next season in the next few days. Anyone else as hyped as I am for Digimon?

And as always thanks to all readers who are still around.