Me doing a song from a fairly old mainstream anime? Yes that is quite surprising, but what’s more surprising is I actually liked this anime. I saw it back in 2010, give or take a year, can’t quite remember, when I was back in university as it was showed as part of my society’s playlist at the time. So why am I thinking back to uni? Well, long story short, I was advising a younger friend on universities and remembered back to my university time, and not surprisingly, the most memorable times of my uni related to anime. Anyways, enjoy Logos Naki World by Yasushi Ishii.

Oh yeah, so since I’ve started this an anime a quote a day thing on my twitter I have missed a few days. Not because I didn’t have any quotes though, because that’s not gonna happen, it was because I forgot. Still, I’ll keep trying, and continue until I forget completely. Need to make use of my twitter more.