Transfer student time/2nd period


We have another transfer student, someone who is superior to Ritsu in killing ability. Itona Horibe is his name and he makes quite an entrance by blowing through the classroom wall. He wastes no time in introducing himself as Koro’s brother and challenges him to a battle after school before leaving.

Because of this brother declaration, the entire class tries to work out, by comparison of the two, if it’s true or not.

After school, a ‘ring’ is set up in the classroom with the desks and chairs and two rules are set down for the fight. If any of the two steps out of the ring, it’s their loss and death, and if anyone hurts the spectators, the students, it’s also their loss.

With that set, the fight starts and Koro loses an arm instantly as Itone’s hair extends out like tentacles. This pisses Koro off but due to Itona’s continued pressure he’s forced to shed his skin to escape. However because he regenerated his arm and shed his skin, he is severely weakened.

Itona attempts to finish Koro but hits a floor of carefully placed anti-Koro knives by Koro using his speed and his tentacles are destroyed. This also weakens Itona, enough so that Koro can wrap Itona in his old skin to protect him from damage and throw him out the window to win the fight.

Koro proceeds to deliver a lecture on how Itona needs more experience to beat him, and apparently Itona hates lecture so he bursts into rage. But, he is shot down by his guardian before he could do anything and taken away.

The students interrogate Koro on his past, but Koro says that after they kill him they’ll have plenty of opportunities to find out the whole truth. This motivates the students to train more so that it’ll be them who kills Koro, not some other person.


Well, this show just got serious. It has to be said that it’s an interesting direction to take it, i.e. giving Koro someone who can actually match up to him. As Koro nicely pointed out for us, this show is mainly light hearted comical fun. As much as I enjoyed the tense fight between the ‘brothers’ it felt a little out of place. Every moment of the fight I was waiting for that ‘slip’, if you will, where something hilarious would happen. It sorta did when Koro found his way out of the fight, but it wasn’t anything special. Even Koro was embarrassed he got so serious. But then you think, there’s nothing funny about destroying the world…

We did gather some interesting information regarding Koro’s past. He nearly lost it when he found out about Itona’s tentacles, and the implications were that he wasn’t born with those things. That leads to one explanation, they were ‘put’ on him somehow. Genetically modified perhaps? Either way, that leads to a revelation that Koro must also have been ‘modified’ and it seems that that’s why he wants to destroy the world. The same flashback with that woman appeared again, but unfortunately we are yet again only left with a sliver of information and all of it being implications and assumptions rather than hard facts.

Still, this show always finds a way to get a laugh or two somewhere. For one, I enjoy Koro’s expressions more and more. I think it’s mainly because we always expect to see him smile, in one way or another, so when he doesn’t it just looks so weird and especially the ‘blank’ face, that always makes me smile. And gotta love the brother anime parodies.

One thing I thought I’d like to point out is that the voice actor for Itona is the same as Misogi Kumagawa, which I thought I recognised, he also did the guy from Danganronpa, but as far as super powerful villains go, Misogi is definitely another one. I find it to be a very suitable voice, apathetic, uncaring and monotone, not that I know much about voice acting of course, but there’s my opinion on it.

Another thing that this episode brought out is Koro’s weakness. That purple ray thing, which makes killing him now seem much more possible, better than impossible at least. And of course someone to match his speed helps. Also, we finally have a student he can’t ‘tame’ in a short amount of time, but he’ll probably get through to him eventually, especially now that he’s seen all his tricks. And after all, they’re brothers aren’t they?