Welcome to High School


A short prologue of a music competition where a school receives a gold starts the series.

Our protagonist is Oumae Kumiko, who is starting at a new highschool. Whilst browsing the plethora of clubs, the orchestra plays an inviting tune for the new students but she is unimpressed. She sits in front of a girl called Katou Hazuki who instantly makes friends.

They meet a rather shy girl by the name of Kawashima Sapphire who’s in their class and make friends with her. She likes brass instruments, used to be in a concert band and played doublebass. Kumiko also used to be in a concert band and played the euphonium. Hazuki is thinking of joining the concert band and so the three decide to check out their school’s concert band club.

An old friend of Kumiko who went to her old school and was in the same concert band, Kousaka, joins the concert band instantly after walking in. Though Sapphire wasn’t impressed by the band either. She also explains how these bands are judged at competitions. It’s a standard system of Gold, Silver and Bronze, and those who move on are picked from the Golds. The Golds that aren’t picked are what is known as a ‘fake’ Gold.

Her childhood friend Shuichi greets her in a park where she somehow decides that she won’t be joining the school’s concert band.

Hazuki actually goes out and buys the mouthpiece for brass instruments so Kumiko teaches her how to use it. And with persuasion from Hazuki and Sapphire, she joins the concert band.


As much as it is expected from a first episode, the introduction to this anime and this episode being entirely based on Kumiko’s decision to join the concert band or not, gives a bit of a slow drag of an episode.

It’s very typical slice of life, but I can’t take away what it does have and that’s really nice art and high quality animation, but of course I expect nothing less from a KyoAni production. Just from that, I like it more than K-ON already. And I think also, the important thing is that Kumiko is someone you can empathize with. She seems actually like a normal girl, with normal worries. I mean, yeah it doesn’t make for great viewing as it feels slow, but hey, the focus on the character’s emotional state is nicely done.

By the opening and ending themes, it seems that Kumiko and the other girls will form their own group. At the moment, it seems they’ve all joined the mediocre concert band that Kumiko was definitely not happy with. Next move is probably struggling with the band for a while and then convincing everyone to create their own band.

If I’m honest, that sounds very similar to K-ON already. K-ON got to a point where literally nothing happened, as long as this doesn’t get there I’m fine. I’m not looking for another Shigatsu, I can’t handle that during exam period, but something between Shigatsu and K-ON would do nicely. I think it definitely has the potential to deliver.

With official broadcasting news coming out for Digimon Tri in May, it looks extremely unlikely it’ll start this season. Which means I have instead decided to pick this one to blog. Digimon was my first choice, and if it does manage to start sometime in the near future I will very likely drop this and go on that instead.

Although I do have reservations because of the slight link with K-ON, which if you read my blog back then, you’ll notice that I had barely anything to say for it. From this episode though, it looks like it should be better than that.