Nice to Meet You, Euphonim


Two weeks into term and Kumiko still hasn’t managed to talk to Kousaka yet.

Seems that Kumiko plays the euphonium out of necessity as in primary school they had no Euphonium player and she didn’t mind trying it.

The concert band introduces all the instruments and asks the newcomers to choose one they’d like to play. Sapphire goes back to her double bass and Hazuki chooses trumpet first because she thought her mouthpiece is for the trumpet, but it’s actually for the tuba. She realises this eventually thanks to Asuka Tanaka, who leads the base section of the band and plays the euphonium, and is convinced to give the tuba a go.

Asuka also tries to coerce Kumiko into playing the euphonium but Kumiko feigns knowing nothing about the euphonium and tiptoes away. She then meets Shuichi and a neighbour, Aoi who unfortunately gives away that Kumiko is a seasoned euphonium player. So, Asuka kindly drags Kumiko back to the euphonium.

Next they set a yearly goal to try and reach nationals. Aoi is the only one who votes against it. Kumiko didn’t vote and still seems undecided. It seems Kousaka’s sadness at not making it to the nationals last year with her still weighs on her mind.

Aoi has a chat with her later, and it seems she voted against nationals because people didn’t care that much last year.


Whilst I still wouldn’t say much story or plot was developed in this episode either, I again have to compliment on how truly beautiful KyoAni have made this series. I haven’t appreciated a series for its animation in a long time and unsurprisingly that’s why I’m still here.

Well, maybe that’s not completely true, as I said last episode, for once in anime I feel that the main character is a believable one. She demonstrates again that fact, indecisive and tries to meander around her problems. Like having problems talking to an old friend who she clearly drew distance from due to the competition.

But I guess it might be because of all these little focuses, the plot hasn’t really moved at all. I mean, if I was to sum it up, last episode was her deciding not to join the concert band, then being convinced to join it and this episode was deciding not to play the euphonium then being convinced to play that. I’m seeing a slight trend here. Though it is interesting to see how she’s always getting pushed to go in a certain direction, again not unlike in real life. Peer pressure is a frightening thing indeed.

Unfortunately that’s all I really have to say for this episode. I wish I could talk about it more, but I am still very much a plot person and although I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy the aesthetics of the series, I don’t consider myself artsy or appreciative enough to talk about it.

Still, I do plan on continuing this blog as it is still genuinely an anime I’m enjoying this season.