In preparation for what will be my first non-SOTW blog in quite a while (but still a music blog – the new ARC-V themes), here’s the previous ARC-V opening that I missed in my theme blogging.

Y’know, when ARC-V first appeared, I wasn’t greatly interested. When the first opening and ending sprang up on youtube, I really wasn’t impressed either. I despise the first ending compared to every other Yu-Gi-Oh! theme in existence, and the first opening didn’t blow me away to make up for it.

However, Bullettrain, the band who performed that lackluster first opening, also did this. They absolutely made up for it.

Burn! is a great track that gets you pumped for the action coming. The series also did wonders to make this theme better, as the plotline finally started to come good, having twists, multiple dimensions, double agents and inter-dimensional doppelgangers.

Anyway, what with Season 3 having started, and more surprises seemingly in store, let’s get on with the SOTW.


Opening Version


CD Version