End of Term Time


With exams yet again, Koro sets out personal targets for everyone, this time it’s not just for everyone to achieve top 50. He makes an interesting deal with the students, he tells everyone that if he loses a tentacle his speed lowers by about 10% and so those students that get the best overall score and/or the best score in a subject can shoot off a tentacle.

Gakuho seems adamant that he won’t do a thing to influence exam scores this time.

Shindo calls Sugino telling him about Class A’s private study session and also ‘the big five’, five geniuses that are the pride of the school. They are Teppei Araki, Ren Sakakibara, Natsuhiko Koyama, Tomoya Seo and Gakuho’s son, Gakushu Asano. They’re pushing class A to the limit to claim all the top spots in the exams so that class E don’t get any.

Gakuho makes it clear to Gakushu that he wants all of class A in the top 50 and to have the highest scores in all the subjects for them to ‘pass’ his test. Gakushu assures him that they will and then questions Gakuho on class E as he believes there to be something dodgy going on. He wants to find out so he can use that information to blackmail and control Gakuho.

Class E head to the library to study after reserving some seats to revise but encounter the big five there. And in the process makes a deal that whichever class scores the most top scores in each subject will be able to get the other class to do whatever they want.

Gakushu clarifies the rules of this bet later, the winner can issue one command, which will be revealed after the exams. For Gakushu, he plans out an entire 50 clause document for class E to follow class A. And one of them is the key one that he’s after, that they’ll answer truthfully to every question, so that he can discover what’s behind class E. Meanwhile, Koro has his one command in mind as well.

With this battle heating up, Gakuho prepares an exam that even class A will find difficult.


No sneaky tactics this time round from Gakuho, either he wants to see how able his son is to lead, or perhaps he’s too complacent that he’ll win. He even upped the difficulty of the exam, perhaps to prove a point that his A class students will still perform. Either way, both Gakuho and Koro deploy the same tactic of self motivation. With what I’d call equally engaging and rewarding prizes. And the deal made with class A is like the cherry on top to ensure extra effort goes into exams.

Having some healthy competition is nice, instead of fighting against the ‘system’ they actually have ‘rivals’, or sort, to beat. It gives a face to something they want to take down, and it’s much easier to relate to that than the school system. So this time, the tensions are running much higher and that cliff hanger at the end works so well. As much as I don’t like the system, I hate snobby know it alls looking down on others more.

And we can’t forget about the comedy still, it never stops. An interesting story with Koro’s clone family and Koro’s continued stalking antics were hilarious. Plus some interesting announcements from Shindo.

Gakushu’s an interesting character, I’m not sure what side he’s on. We know that this whole getting class E to follow the contract is so he can get to the bottom of what his father’s hiding and ultimately have an upper hand in his ‘fight’ against him. So actually, I’m not sure he even cares so much about class E. Sure he’s showing a lot of ‘darkness’ but he’s solely directing that at his father as much as I can see, and you know what they say, an enemy of an enemy is a friend, right? After all, looking at Karma, I’d say it’s not unlikely that Gakushu may be a ‘nice’ guy.

If I was to make a prediction, much like what I used to do with plot anime, I would say that neither wins the bet, i.e. I think something like class E and class A will get 2 top subject marks each with one of the other classes taking the fifth subject top mark.

I don’t see class E submitting to class A in any circumstance, so it’s either they win or draw for me. Win could be possible seeing as what Koro’s cooked up as a command doesn’t look anything like subordination of any kind and has all the students interests at heart. So I wouldn’t rule it out and I feel it’s likely that class A slips up.