School’s Out, 1st Term


Animating each subject exam as battles with tough monsters, it would appear that due to Koro’s unique way of teaching class E actually has a chance against class A.

And the scores arrive with Koro. English result first with Rio Nakamura taking 1st in the subject and class A Tomoya Seo taking 3rd. Japanese next with Gakushu taking first and Kanzaki taking second. Third on the list is social studies with Isogai Yuma taking the top spot. Fourth is Science and Okuda takes number one giving class E a 3 out of 5 win over class A. Last subject is Maths with Gakushu taking first. Of course though, class A has all the top spots for overall marks.

Unfortunately for Gakushu the entire school knows about the bet so he can’t back out of it.

Turns out later that Terasaka and others actually scored full marks in home ec making that seven tentacles they can shoot off. But they’ve decided to use their bet with class A on this particular assassination attempt too. Class E’s one command is a three days and two nights at Okinawa for their summer holiday, where they’ll execute their plan to assassinate Koro.

Gakuho himself is unhappy with the results overall and plans to do something over the summer holidays. After this defeat, Gakushu now changes his focus to class E.


Depicting the exams as giant monsters again was fun, made more entertaining from the hilarious ways that the monsters were taken down. I mean, even coming to expect pretty much anything, I don’t think I quite expected a ‘cute/freaky’ green blob to beat a fully armoured monster. Much better than watching an entire class sitting down writing away.

Seeing as the majority of the episode was on the results on the exams, I can hardly not talk about the results. Well, I had predicted a draw or a win and quite literally I was half right. It was less surprising that class E beat A after the initial animation of how E outsmarted A on a lot of obscure questions thanks to Koro’s unique teaching. But before we saw that, I still think it’s quite a surprising outcome. And the other thing to add to that surprise is that it was the, what I would say slightly more minor characters, that won the top spots giving them a time to shine. Even shows us Terasaka’s ‘transformation’ to a good student.

Shame that Karma made no impact this time but we were shown a weaker side to him that makes him so much less threatening.

I’m also surprised that they only asked for a 3 day holiday when you can demand anything. I actually thought they would demand the use of one of the main classrooms or maybe a separate building. Though I guess the whole point of the isolation is also to keep Koro a secret. Still, it seems nothing significant compared with what Gakushu had prepared. Though I suppose it’s all part of the plan to assassinate Koro. Eyes on the prize, it’s all part of the set up.

Well, I’m interested in how great this plan is going to be. They have seven tentacles as well and this’ll probably be their best chance with the entire class on the same page and a weakened Koro.

Unfortunately the majority of this episode was just the results and everything to do with that, so I’ll leave my comments here.

Also funny that the E class harass at the assembly still continue even with the scores. I think the ‘don’t be like class E’ comments are actually insulting the rest of the school instead now. Which must dent everyone else’s pride and confidence so much. I’m actually wondering if, with everything that’s happened, some of the main school children may actually want to join class E. Good teachers, good results, good athletics and having fun without the pressure of needing to succeed heavily yet still doing so. Sounds like a great place to me.

I’ll say again what I’ve been saying about this system, all these students aren’t used to defeat, they don’t know how to react in that situation, what to do next and they’ll just likely be taken down even further and not know how to bounce back up, that’s why I say it’s okay to fail, you win some you lose some, it’s all a part of the learning process to become stronger.