Singing Solfege


The band section leaders gather to discuss the current events. They don’t want to upset Taki as they won’t be able to play at SunFest. Whilst the club members do want to rebel. The decision is made though to practice for now and complain next week if they really can’t play at SunFest.

But Taki interrupts and gets everyone in the gym clothes onto the track field and asks them to do laps. After they do their lap they’re made the play their instruments. Then practice continues in all manner of breathing exercises. He continues his harsh training even pushing someone to tears.

And now he visits the bass section and asks everyone to sing and play certain notes. The bass section does it well.

It seems that Kousaka’s very supportive of Taki, but because of that she’s being targeted by the other members of her section. But this gives Kumiko the chance to finally speak with Kousaka one on one at school and she does manage to get a couple of things off her chest.

Throughout the week the entire concert band unify with a common goal to stop Taki from complaining about their performance and train.

Their training pays off and Taki is happy with the performance to enter them for SunFest and have the confidence that they’re different this year.


We see a bit of change in the animation this episode. We were shown a bit of variance to the spotless animation so far and falling back to some fairly standard funny anime faces shown in the Kousaka and Kumiko scene. Which we finally got to after all this dodging from Kumiko. And even then it wasn’t initiated by Kumiko but rather by Kousaka instead. Still, I guess that’s just how she is, someone who always needs a push to get what she needs to do done.

It was nice to see that Taki didn’t abandon the club completely like I had thought and instead guides them from the basics up. Going to each section individually and being brutally honest with everyone. Enough so that the end result was a group that, a week ago was abysmal, now can play together at least in time and in tune. And by the fact that Taki already had schedules prepared, it would seem like believed in the band more than it seemed.

An interesting thing I thought was because of the way Taki acted the first time, it made him some enemies, enough that rebellion was on the agenda. But in fact, because of it, many unified ‘against’ him and played better resulting in the ensemble. Probably coincidence but perhaps this was Taki’s tactic?

Although, it’s probably more due to Taki’s inexperience. I’m not sure a normal teacher would be able to be so brutally honest that they’d make a child cry. Not many at least. Although, I don’t agree that it’s a waste of time just because you can’t play the instrument that well. If you truly enjoy something, then it’s never a waste of time even if you’re not as good as some others. I played piano for a couple of years, sure I’ve pretty much forgotten everything but I wouldn’t change my experience all those years for anything.

With four episodes gone and this conflict not lasting all that long, it looks ever more unlikely that Kumiko and gang will break off into a group of their own. Oh well, it wasn’t a completely illogical route to take, just not one they’re gonna take. I guess improving together with this concert band and the journey to, hopefully, nationals will be a much more arduous and drama filled one.