Festival Time


The school take their physical tests and the band gets their uniforms for the SunFest parade. Their next focus is the precise march during the parade with everyone in line whilst carrying their instruments.

After practice, Kumiko is stuck with Kousaka on the way home and struggles for something to talk about and so the topic for some reason lands on Taki.

The day of SunFest comes along and everyone readies themselves whilst checking out the tough competition they’ll face when they actually compete.

Kumiko meets another high school friend who she tells that the reason she wanted to go to Kitauji is because she wanted a fresh start with no one knowing her.

Thanks to Taki’s training and everyone’s renewed determination, even though they were in between two powerhouse bands, they still made a good impression on everyone turning a few heads their way.


I found this a fairly slow episode with the majority of the episode devoted to training and the rest a short showing of what SunFest is about, which after all the hype, it’s that great, plus the introduction of strong competition that I expect to see in future episodes. Though I have to say, I didn’t quite see how ‘strong’ they truly were. But then again this isn’t one of those shounen anime where the big evil boss comes out terrifyingly strong and the protagonists undergo ‘shounen training’ and beat it later. Still, I feel that I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was somewhat similar to that process, especially as I didn’t feel the competition was that strong at all. I felt this was emphasised by the fact that Kitauji’s performance turned a lot of heads which pulls down the believability of the strength of the other bands’ performance.

Whilst again animation quality wise it was spectacular, I would say that it lacked a lot in plot movement. Though, animation did make up for a lot. The morning of SunFest and the performance had some of the best animated parts of the series I’ve seen.

Kumiko manages to have another conversation with Kousaka, and whilst I didn’t quite understand the whole point of it, I did feel the emotions going on because of how good the animation looked. Though I must’ve missed the point of that conversation somewhere. But it’s nice to see that the relationship between the two girls are patching up, if a bit slow for now due to Kumiko’s uneasiness with Kousaka.

One thing I would say I didn’t like is the whole physical tests and the subsequent chest size references and jokes. I’ve always found this overused in anime and not achieving much. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen it too many times that it brings me nothing but annoyance as actually I feel due to how Kumiko has been portrayed, this overused insecurity could be a fit for her. For me though, I can’t get away from how much I dislike this repetitive sequence of events.