Island Time


Before the trip a couple of students decide to try and earn some pocket money by catching and selling beetles. Koro lends a hand as well with catching a rare beetle.

Karasuma invites Lovro along as well on this away trip to offer advice on this attempt. Their current plan is a simple one, shoot off all Koro’s legs and then everyone shoot him.

Nagisa is intrigued by assassins and asks Lovro about the current number one assassin whose nickname is ‘Shinigami’. And also, Lovro passes on a surefire killing technique to Nagisa.

With that, their vacation begins. Each group take turns to distract Koro whilst the other groups prepare for the plan. Irina believes that the plan will go wrong at some point which is where she’s planned to jump for the kill herself.

Part 1 of the plan begins on a boat getting Koro seasick and forcing him to use his once a month skin shedding. They then lead him to an isolated floating house where the assassination will take place.


I thought the economy of beetles was a very interesting lecture. Whether it’s true of not I have no idea, but as an accountant, I can’t help but love it when numbers and calculations are involved.

The comedy was yet again strong in this episode, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the porn magazine trap and Koro’s every expanding array of costumes and funny faces.

With the big assassination coming up, I wonder how long this comedy act can continue without becoming serious. As much as I’d love for this happy go lucky atmosphere to continue and use up half an episode to explain how the market of beetles work, I do feel that the plot needs to get a move on eventually. The harsh reality is, no matter how much they’re enjoying their time now, they have to kill or be killed, and I don’t think it’s quite dawned on the students that fact yet, still going about the daily business making lackadaisical half-arsed attempts at murder.

The annoying thing is, we know the plan will fail because otherwise there’d be no story. So it’s half predictable because of that. Though, of course we’re not watching it because we know it’ll fail, we’re watching it because we want to know the sequence of events of that failure and what Koro will throw at everyone, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some hidden abilities that he’s never revealed before. Always need an ace or two up your sleeve.

This episode was a bit of an odd one to me. I don’t get why the beetles economy was explained to us or what purpose it served as it seems to just be a random interlude of pushing some humour into this episode. Which I’m perfecting happy with, even if it feels like half an episode was ‘wasted’, though I guess it gave a lot of characters some screen time. Otherwise this episode was set up for the big assassination, the biggest plan they’ll try to date and I for one am looking forward after all this set up. Especially with some sort of secret technique from Lovro and even Irina trying to jump in on the action. I say she’s been out of the limelight for too long.