Action Time


The plan starts with Koro watching a video as people come in and out of the floating building to confuse Koro on the numbers inside. But Koro can smell out the amount of people in the vicinity. Still though, the video of embarrassing clips on Koro gets him riled up exactly as planned. And as the one hour video nears its completion, the set up is complete as high tide comes in to waterlog the building.

Operation commences and the 7 promised tentacles fall. From the outside 4 speedboats pull apart the straw walls of the building and other members of class E shoot out of the water surrounding Koro using water jetpacks to create a cage of water.

The next group of students shoot anti Koro bullets around him to create a second wall of bullets. The snipers Koro smelled originally were just dummies with their scents. The actual snipers were underwater and they’re to deliver the final blow.

But, Koro reverts to a perfect defence form by reducing his size to a small ball making him invincible to all attacks but immobile. He’ll stay this way for 24 hours as the defensive barrier around him decays and he’ll eventually go back to his normal size. Still though, the plan fails and everyone goes back to their hotel tired and disappointed.

For some reason everyone’s way too tired and Karasuma gets an anonymous call telling him that the students have been infected with a virus that will kill them all in a week. There’s only one antidote and the caller has it. He wants Koro’s defensive ball delivered by the shortest boy and girl in one hour to his hotel.

Whatever the case, it looks like they don’t really have a choice in the matter without knowing what they’re up against, but Koro seems to have been prepared for such an eventuality and Ritsu has hacked into the hotel’s computers knowing exactly where the weak points of the building are. So they have one choice now, to infiltrate the building and take the antidote by force.


I was actually getting ready to quote the famous Steinbeck line ‘The bestlaid plans of mice and men often go awry‘, because I had assumed that something would go wrong. I still quoted it, but more because I want to make the opposite point, that nothing did go wrong. Everything was planned out thoroughly taking into account of all Koro’s weaknesses that they know and playing on their own strengths as a unified group. It went so well that Irina who had planned to jump in at some point didn’t get her chance, which is a shame. I like her as a character and it was great that she had some character development, but now she’s back to old bitch sensei again and it doesn’t suit her, I just feel that she’s solely there for eye candy now

Annoyingly the plan was ruined when Koro, who’s known for over the top complicated mechanics of escape or finding specific weak points in a plan and exploiting them, pulled a cheap one on his students, curled up into a ball and said I’m invincible. In a way though, it’s not like I didn’t see this coming, from last episode the only way that I felt he can foil an incredibly well made plan with no holes is by some sort of new ability, but the unfortunate thing is this one’s not really that imaginative, not up to the standard I expected from this anime.

A random thought I had was why embarrassing videos? Surely to lower Koro’s guard it should’ve been like porn videos, though maybe not for the right audience age here. Gravure videos would’ve worked instead.

I’m not sure what to think of another organisation swooping in for an attempt at Koro. Apart from that it makes perfect logical sense i.e. good timing now that Koro’s immobile forcing him into a bad position, threatening a group of children with death against a teacher, and who wouldn’t want 10bn yen? Many secret organisations have connections with the government, it’s likely that many will know about Koro and want a piece of that 10bn.

What I was hoping for was that Nagisa would go and show off his new skill. Still not seen this instakill move from him yet, and with the new enemies it’s only natural that this is the best possible time to reveal right?

Although speaking of human villains, so far I wouldn’t say this anime has a great track record of making them that interesting, apart from Gakuho. Instead, what I’m expecting is for them to end up as punching bags for Nagisa and crew and almost act as a ‘pick me up’ after the failure of their assassination plan. Not the best I have to say, but I guess they need someone to beat up…

So with this new defensive form revealed, the class need to calculate that into the next attempt i.e. using that 24 hour window and set up something for when he revives and kill him then. But of course without the seven tentacle advantage it’ll be a completely different story to even get him to use that form.

Well, the plan was strong, well made and nicely over the top. The get out of jail free card is cheap and I’m not expecting much from the follow up with another organisation trying to take advantage of the situation. But hey, it could be good.