Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tuba


An explanation of how the band competitions are held is given. And Taki wants to hold auditions this year for who those that want to compete. Only a maximum of 55 people are allowed in the band and usually senior students were given priority, but Taki has flipped that plan on its head. With this, it seems that Taki is indeed aiming for the nationals this time round.

With the piece picked for auditions, everyone gets practicing, and we witness the bass section’s practice session which involves teaching Hazuki how to clean her tuba. Kousaka’s interested in playing the solo parts so she’s practicing for the auditions alone.

Knowing that Hazuki is a beginner, everyone tries to motivate her and help her practice which turns into a comical sequence of events. Though later they realise that Hazuki hasn’t actually been able to play as a part of any ensemble yet which is the most fun you get from playing the Tuba. So Sapphire and Kumiko find a version of ‘Ah! vous dirai-je, maman’ that’s playable by the three of them for Hazuki to find motivation to play the Tuba.


I’m glad that someone’s finally taking this going to nationals thing seriously. Holding auditions is a good choice and shows to the band that you’re serious as well. No one will be dragging the band down this time and without a doubt this will filter out the good from the bad. Unless he has no choice but to put bad musicians in as they lack a certain instrument or something.

Of course though, this means problems for a certain protagonist, namely the very new Tuba player Hazuki. So, this would of course then lead to the majority of the episode being about Hazuki and her tuba.

For, what I thought was, a fairly mundane episode, the random bits of comedy were quite well presented especially given that Hazuki seems to be the joker of the group anyway. The Sunohara of the group if you will to put in a Clannad comparative. It was nicely in character is what I’m trying to say. And who doesn’t love a bit squishy big white ball of softness? Baymax anyone?

It was lovely in the end with the three of them playing together and Hazuki realising her fondness of the Tuba. It’s surprising how you can like something just because a few things go right and the opposite is also very true. People give up too easily…

The anime seems to have slowed down a lot, and although this episode was also not as good as others in its animation it was still kinda fun. But for an anime of this quality I didn’t want it to be just fun, I was still hoping for more interaction. Might be just me and my current mood with exams about a week and a half away. Or that I’m not a big fan of Hazuki, her jokes are funny, but a little hit and miss. What I’m more interested in is the relationship between Kousaka and Kumiko. I get the feeling that there’s more going on here than meets the eye and it would be very interesting whatever it is, either that or I’m thinking too much again.