Thinking back, some of my favourite SOTWs have been emotional, orchestral or sorrowful pieces that anime tend to latch onto the end of a cliffhanger or tearjerker moment.

And this week’s shall also be one of these.

Black Lagoon is a great series. I started watching it a bit late (a few months ago, as it was on Britain’s sole anime-airing channel), but I had heard of the series and expressed interest in watching it for a few years previous, I just didn’t have the time. Luckily, Sky+ fixed that, and the series is now recorded on my satellite box’s HDD.

Anyway, whilst the series was great, what with its badass characters, awesome action scenes and heart-wrenching backstories, the themes added to it perfectly. The opening, Red Fraction, which has been previously SOTW’d by Lucretia, was an awesome track that got you pumped for the action that was about to occur. But the ending, Don’t Look Behind, hit you with emotions and reflection as soon as you thought a plot climax was just around the corner.

As previously stated, I love those kinds of ending themes. And I love this.


Ending Version


Requiem Version