Pandemonium Time


The class refuses to hand Koro over and with Karasuma as their ‘commander’ the ones that can move go on a surprise attack to the enemy.

The first step is to scale the cliff, which is done with ease by the students who regularly have mountain climbing training. Second step is to infiltrate the building and get to the top floor using the complex staircase system. Irina distracts a group of guards on the first floor to let everyone else through.

Now that they’re through the entrance, they can act like spoilt rich kids that usually come to a place like this with their rich parents. But not long after they encounter the villian who infected them with the virus. He gets Karasuma with paralysis gas but Karasuma knocks him out before he falls under paralysis.

Karasuma is barely able to stand up and in a narrow open corridor near the top of the building they meet their next opponent who hears them coming. Karma isn’t that impressed with this guy though and steps forward to welcome this challenge.


New villains so far turning into punching bags like I thought last episode. Because of that, this episode didn’t feel up to the standard I expect from when I watch this anime. Though it’s mainly this side story that’s not doing it.

Sure I understand the villains need to stand out considering how many eccentric characters this anime has already, no one’s going to notice otherwise. However that just made them silly, in a non comical way. It felt a mix between being comedy and seriousness and not going either way. Okay they needed to take out Karasuma so the kids get their time to shine but because of that it made it seem serious, even though the feel of it really wasn’t, if that makes any sense.

And the gun and noodle thing, I get that they’re trying to make us dislike the villains so more fun when they turn into punching bags, but that felt revolting. Another thing is that the entire thing hasn’t felt tense enough. For an entire class who’s about to die if this mission fails they certainly don’t look like they’re in a hurry or even concerned much.

The Koro humour never lets me down though. Spinning him around and just generally causing him misery is always hilarious. Also I’m very happy to see Irina in her elements for once. It’s unfortunate that she’s only really got charm, as it’s hard to do that to someone once you’ve met them and know who you are. But I’m happy that she took the stage and showed us she isn’t just there for eye candy. Although ironically her skill was eye candy to some degree…

This entire story just doesn’t feel right, in its attempt to be serious and comical it falls off both and actually coming away very mediocre. However, I am still looking forward to seeing what Karma can do against this knuckle cracking guy. Even though I don’t like this arc, I do still enjoy a villain punching bag episode. It’s another way to show off character development I’ll admit, just that the setting’s a bit rubbish. Who knows though, keeping the big evil guy hidden in darkness has perhaps hidden a character that could bring life into this story.